Monday, August 23, 2010

The Broken Bone Club

John has now officially entered it. He tripped down a couple of stairs Sunday night and ended up breaking it in a couple of spots. Here are the juicy photos. The fall caused a "moderate to severe" laceration (I peaked in his medical records and that's how they recorded it) between the toes that required 6 stitches. We thought initially that his toe was hanging by a thread, with all the blood and pain that the fall caused.

The kids are SO wide-eyed when Daddy comes hobbling on his crutches!

He saw another doctor today whose opinion is that surgery isn't necessary. A quick call to my brother (along with emailed x-rays!) calmed our doubts, as he concurred with that opinion. (The doctor in urgent care said that surgery was probably warranted, since it was several bad breaks.) Anyway, he has to keep the foot elevated and will go back at the end of the week. Guess our apple picking excursion I had planned isn't going to happen this year. (I will post later about my peach canning and peach jam making! I'm addicted to canning now and can't wait to make applesauce!)

Anyway, thanks to my wonderful neighbors who graciously came over and stayed well into the early morning hours with our kids. Just don't know what we would have done without them!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

William's Room

A sneak peak....we are finishing it now! (This is NOT royal blue...when it's dry its navy.)

You can't see it in this picture, but the other three walls are gray.

Bike Riding

(Yes, I matched her outfit with her helmet!)

Abby had her first ride in the bike seat the other day! William decided to stay home and play with his friends (they live across the street, so no, he wasn't home alone). She looks upset in the pictures but she had a great time.

My camera is still lost (I've given up trying to find it) so please excuse the poor quality of the photos. They were taken with my phone. I am, however, excepting donations to my camera fund.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Tid Bits

Just the other day....

William found a penny. A cool 2010 penny that I had put aside since I thought it looked neat. He found it and quickly claimed it as his. The conversation went like this:

"Hey William! You can throw that penny in the fountain at the mall!" (It's one of his favorite things to do at the mall.)
" I don't want to frow my money in the fountain. I want to frow mommy's money in the fountain."
And with that he tucked it safely in his pocket.


The four of us were driving in the truck one night, trying to find the fire line. We determined that the fire must have died down since we really didn't see anything too exciting. William then, completely out of the blue, asked if we were going to see a school bus.

"We see a school bus Mommy?"
"No, dear, we won't see a school bus because it's night time. And furthermore it's summer and school is out."
"I want to see a school bus."
"Sorry, there aren't school buses out now."
We continue driving for another mile or so and lo and behold a school bus comes roaring past us.
"Told ya, Mom."
John looked at me and silently started laughing. "Guess he told you!"


Abby has been eating a lot more solid foods these last few weeks. She still chocks a little, but not as bad as she used to. Well, she started chocking the other day and I immediately dropped what I was doing with William to scoop the impeding food from her mouth.

"Just leave it, Mom. Abby oh-tay."
"We can't let Abby chock. She'll die if we don't help her."
"That's oh-tay. We'll buy a new Abby."


Well, I'd post some new pictures, since I've got tons more to share, but I've lost my camera. John took pictures of William getting his ice cream from the ice cream man (Grandpa A gave him some money for pooping on the potty, so this was his long-awaited treat!) and since then I haven't been able to find it. I'm hoping that by announcing this dire situation to the bloggy world it will miraculously show up. You know, Murphy's Law and all.