Friday, September 28, 2007

Hello! William had his 2 week doctors appointment this afternoon....what an ordeal! I can officially say he is JOHN'S son! NO son of mine would behave like this! haha...just kidding! He screamed the ENTIRE time we were there. No, not his cute little whimpers....a full-on scream! Mom and I think it was because the office was cold, and I had to strip him down to his diaper so he was shivering. The goal for this appointment was to see that he had returned to his birth weight of 8.5 lbs, and he weighed in at 8.6 lbs! Mom is quite confused about that, seeing that she changes his diapers VERY regularly...sometimes 2-3 in 5 minutes!! It's quite funny..but since she's the one changing him...not so funny after all! ;-) The doctor didn't do a bili read because she said he looked absolutely fine. Due to his bloody murder screaming it took quite awhile for the doctor to be able to listen to his heart, but that sounded good, too, she said. I on the other hand had intense "crabbies" creeping up...his crying was really starting to get to me! By the time we walked out of the office I was ready for another shower! Now that we're home he's happy as a lark, sleeping quite soundly.

Hope everyone is having a great week! I'm off to take a nap! Today was exhausting! :-)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Star Bucks Winner!

Congrats to Granny "A", winner of the $5 Star Bucks gift card for closest guess of William's time of birth. Her guess -- 7:37pm (only missed by 34 minutes!). Be watching your mail...

I suppose Leah is the REAL winner, as her 3:06am guess was very close to when she actually went into labor!!!

Congrats John & Leah! William is beautiful.

Thanks to all who participated in the "time of birth" contest!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Birth Time Guesses -- and a Prize!

We've had some fun with guessing the baby's birth DATE -- How about what TIME he might arrive?!?!

I'll offer up a $5 StarBucks gift card to the person who guesses the closest! We market research-types always like to 'incentivize' the audience for a response...!! hehehe

Aunt Gina's Guess: 2:35 p.m.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

'Lil Maicer??

Funny story...Friday night John and I were at the Angels game and throughout the night the couple in front of us were having a "baby naming contest". (We know them fairly well, as they are also season ticket holders.) Anyway, at one point in the game the bases were loaded and Maicer Itzturis was up to bat. Bob said that if Maicer hit a grand slam it would be a sign that the baby's name was to be Maicer, or at least Izzy. We were like, ok, whatever...what are the chances?? Well...You got it! Maicer hit his FIRST grand slam!! It was SO funny! What are the chances!?!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Baby Room

John...My hero! He *finally* put together the baby's crib!! I've been asking him to put it up for a LONG time now, and for some reason he agreed to put it up last night. It was pretty simple, but now the room looks "almost" complete. Just a border and a tiny, teeny piece of chair rail still needs to be done. I'll post pictures later.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Birth Date Guesses?

Good morning, fellow baby page bloggers!

Since the arrival of Baby Boy Adams is getting close, it might be fun to "guess his birth date" -- let's see who gets nearest his actual arrival!!

My guess: August 28

Friday, August 3, 2007

5 more to go!

It's offical...I'm in my 35th week now. Yeah! Only...5 more to go in this seemingling endless pregnancy. I cleaned and organized our house yesterday, and my mother-in-law said that a sudden burst of energy was a sign of "the end" of pregnancy...I sure hope so, because I certaintly don't feel like I have a lot of energy, and my desires to "clean and nest" have definitely been kept in check! :-)

Wednesday, August 1, 2007




Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Birthing Class #3

Tonight we had another class...this one was about epidurals, breathing correctly, and birthing positions. She made us get into various positions, with our legs in pretend stirrups and all! It was quite funny seeing all these women with their "flood gates open" and their daddies counting to 10! haha...

Friday, July 27, 2007


I hope every thing goes great!!! Thanks for having me shack up at your house this week...thx

Birthing Class #2

July 24, 2007

Well, last night's class was a breeze compared to the first week! I think the utter shock of seeing a birth for the first time prepared us for seeing yet another this week. This week's class focused on pain and pain management. We had to share with the class how our "partners" dealt with pain (without asking them first!) The nurse also had this neat demo to simulate pain - she passed out ice cubes to everyone, and said for the next minute we were to squeeze the ice cube in our hands as hard as possible. That probably was the longest minute of my life! Everyone was moaning, twitching, shaking their legs, etc. to try to overcome the pain in their hands. Then she went on to teach relaxation techniques. We all had to get on the floor, with our daddies back against the wall, and all the mommies sitting against them. She went over deep relaxation breathing, cleansing breaths, massage, etc. all with the lights dimmed and music playing. That part was a little weird, especially with a group of strange people, but it was nice. (I think John was wishing he had brought HIS pillow for that exercise...he was too embarrassed to bring his!) Then she said that for the next THREE minutes the mommies needed to squeeze the ice again (daddies don't squeeze ice!) and the daddies were to help the moms get through the pain of holding the ice. Let me tell you - with the breathing we learned, the focus, and John doing his massaging, etc. those three minutes were a breeze! (My hand was still aching after the class, but that goes with the territory.) We all couldn't believe that the 3 minutes seemed shorter than the 1 minute. We were all like, yeah, we can give birth with no pain meds! Then the nurse said "Yup! Only the pain will NOT be in your hands, and you will have thousands more minutes like those!" OK...back to reality! We also watched another video on the stages of labor, but neither of us was queasy with it. It's a good thing we're taking this class! Preparation Preparation! That's about it... :-)