Wednesday, May 19, 2010


This is what we've been working on.

Yup, packing up all our worldly goods into cardboard boxes in order to move.


Abby loves to swing. This wasn't her first time in a park swing, but the first time in a long time! We've been busy over here so there hasn't been much time for park days. (I'll post more on that later...exciting news coming!)

William loves to swing as well. Not sure what is so interesting on the ground, though...??

This scene just about gave me a heart attack. I was carrying Abby when I saw, from a distance, William in this predicament. I started running frantically, but he had everything under control.

He was quite proud of himself. He climbed, he dangled, and he landed. Perfectly.

Getting him to get out of this contraption to go home is a completely other post.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

1st Dip Of 2010

Actually it's our second dip, but the first one we put our suits on for. Probably took longer to get ready than our entire swimming escapade, but whatever. It was fun, and a nice cool-off to a hot day.

Abby LOVED the water. She didn't seem to mind that the water was a little frigid.

After we were good and chilled we went to the spa to get warmed up. Found out they both love the warm water.

We texted our neighbors and they joined us in the spa.

I got this adorable little swimsuit from Target along with the cover-up. Only thing missing was painted piggies. Coming soon!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Abby is such a big helper. I've had a permanent headache as of late, so she's taken over laundry duty. Such a relief. With kids even missing one day can really make the pile add up!

Usually when she finishes the laundry she jumps right in with the dishes. She usually skips the soap and water and just licks them clean.

Picking up the toys and dust-busting are usually done at the end of the day, but sometimes she just picks them up at random times for the sheer heck of it. Man, I love her willingness! Always done with a smile, too.

William takes care of the vacuuming. I literally have to fight him for it. He'll tell me, "Mommy's turn first, then William's turn." He actually does a pretty good job of it. I just have to remind him to do other sections of the floor, instead of going over and over the same spot. But hey, it's a clean spot, and we don't have too many of them!

Well...I'm searching and searching my photos for other pictures of William, as it seems like I post a ton of Abby. I must admit, getting him to sit still for a picture is like trying to convince a hummingbird to slow down. It just ain't gonna happen. Proof:

I'll keep trying. You're welcome.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Video Happenings

Well, so I only have one "happening" to post, but calling the post "Video Happening" just sounded weird. Obviously there's tons more video, but I simply don't have the time or energy to load anymore up. This one was taken April 28th.

Oh, and I should mention that Abby was playing on the floor while I was uploading this. When I turned around to see what she was doing she was half-way up the stairs. Didn't realize she could do stairs. Good thing to know.


Yesterday my friend Becky (who came for a visit from AR) and I took the kids to the beach! I usually go North the beach, but decided to go South, since I was going to drop her off at the airport afterward. It was a beautiful day! William completely freaked out when we got down to the water, as the waves were semi large (they are not large at the beach up north). We saw dolphins diving in the water, sea creatures in the tide pools, and lots of pelicans and sea gulls flying around. It was blissful! Before going to the airport we hit In N Out, of course, and watched the planes take off and land.

The water was "so scairwey" that he refused to even walk in the sand, let alone take his shoes off and build a sand castle. Oh well...maybe next time.

Abby loved sitting and playing in the sand! She'd dig her toes in and then lift them up to pick the sand pieces out. Too cute!

He felt like he was safer if he was sitting up on the rocks.