Thursday, February 25, 2010

In Bed Together

No, this is not our normal sleeping arrangement. For whatever reason William didn't want to get out of his crib yesterday after his nap, so I plunked Abby down with him. She completely adores him.

Oh, and she did NOT puke in his bed. Although that is a very real possibility.


Abby is almost there in the sitting department. If she's got her toys around her and within her reach she'll sit quite nicely. But if there's something she wants, she'll just completely face plant herself to the floor so she can flip over on her back and do her head-scoot. She's very good at that. Not at all bothered by the fact that there are much better ways of getting around in life other than sliding along on her back.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sunday Pictures

Here they are, all dressed up for church! Yesterday was William's first Sunday sitting in church. Well, the cry room actually. We were both amazed at how well he did. He only needed to be taken out once. He had his backpack with a few toys in it, and I came armed with fruit snacks and some animal crackers. We didn't want him in nursery since there is so much sickness going around and I don't need that cold back!

Unless she's strapped in the seat she WILL get out! There's always something more interesting just out of her reach.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Just Cuz

Readin' her books.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Another One

I didn't make this one...I got it from my neighbor's aunt. I love having a girl...all the accessories! And she seems to like wearing them, too! William always kept on his hats as well, and will still wear them - even in the house.

You'd think with the fleece she's wearing that it's freezing cold here...nope! It was close to 80 degrees yesterday and today it's over 70. I just like this outfit...and now she's got a flower to match it!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Spare Time

The title just makes me crack up!

But, we've cut our cable TV completely, I mean NO STATIONS, (we figure it's better to live in the moment, spending time with our family...that's what I'm telling myself, anyway!) so I whipped this this hat up last night. It was supposed to be a beanie, but....morphed into a beret! I like it.

She can't sit yet, so the Bumbo is the next best thing.

A Photo Shoot

It can take quite a bit of finagling to get small kids to pose for you. For some it takes toys. Others simply aren't interested.

Look this way, hunny!

Down, boy! Down! Leave your poor sister alone!

I know, it's a hassle, but work with me, Son!

There we go!

Monday, February 15, 2010


Gloating. Boasting. We all do it, especially when it comes to our kids. I'll readily admit that when Abby finally got out of preemie clothes and into newborn clothes the whole world knew about it. It was such an accomplishment. It meant she was growing. Thriving. And dawgoneitall, everyone was going to know that she was gaining weight!

I have a bin in the bedroom with too-small clothes in it and another bin with too-big clothes. It seems like there is a constant rotation of putting clothes back into the small-clothes bin and taking clothes out from the big-clothes bin. I love it. Always something new. Fresh.

The other day I pulled a pair of brown pants out from of the big-clothes bin and checked the size. 6-12 months. Say what!?! 6-12 months? Who are they kidding. A 6 month baby is no where near the size of a 12 month behemoth. Are baby clothes makers trying to make the babe feel better by saying 6-12 months? I should try that. Next time I go pants shopping I'm going to tell the over-helpful, hovering retail lady that I'd like a size 2-8. That should cover all my bases and make me feel much better, in my post-baby-body-that-is-nothing-like-it-used-to-be size.

So anyway, I put on the size 6-12 month pants, and aside from not being able to see my dear daughter's feet she looked adorable in them, as I knew she would. They did give the impression that she had much longer legs, though. Score!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Oh The Things He Says!

Me: Ew....I stepped in something. (Probably drool, spit up, who knows.)
William, wrinkling his nose: Mommy stepped in ewies!

Every morning he wakes up and promply says: "William watch Sleeping Booty."

When it's time for him to go to bed, say goodbye to a friend, etc.: "No bed bugs bite." He still needs to learn when it is the appropriate context to say that phrase, but it's still cute nonetheless.

I use my Vita Mix blender to make all of Abby's food, and it's use is seriously is the highlight of William's day. He loves that thing. After I wash it he always says, "Bye bwenda. No bed bugs bite."

He HATES taking a nap. Since we are very routinized, he knows that nap time is right after lunch. He always protests with "No nap William" when I tell him it's lunch time.

"It's funny?" is a very common phrase for him. He poops his diaper. "Poopin' on Diego. It's funny?" When I tell him that poop is so NOT funny he gets downright upset at me, insisting that it is funny! When Grandma left to back to Oregon he said, "Grandma funny." I think he meant "Grandma fun."

When asked about colors, everything is always "Green."

He still loves watching the "stinky truck" (garbage truck) take away the trash. "The stinky man has the poops!" (Poop is a regular topic in our household!)

I'm sure there are more, but right now my brain is on E.


Wow...what a morning. I thought this doctor visit for Abby was going to be quick, but 3 hours later and we are finally home. Abby has been sick for about a week now, but I really thought nothing of it, as it just seemed like she had a cold. Well, she's sicker than I thought. She has RSV and a bacterial infection, and is now on breathing treatments 3x a day along with antibiotics. The doctor said she was wheezing, so they did (read I did!) a breathing treatment in the office and when the doctor checked her again she said she was night and day different. So, to help with her horrible cough they prescribed a nebulizer machine for us to rent along with the meds. Through the whole process she was nothing but smiles. What a trooper!

And William...he was pretty good too. The pharmacist let him pick out a treat from the candy/cookie display because he was so good. I wouldn't exactly call his behavior "so good" but seeing that he had been waiting in the doctor's office and pharmacy for over 3 hours, he did okay.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine's Day Pictures

I got Abby's Valentine's Day pictures taken this morning. I wanted to get both kids in the picture, but the stress have having them both sit still AND smile..well, it makes me sweat just thinking about it. Thanks to Grandma Adams for the cute jumper she's sporting! (I just had to get those leggings to go with it!)

And here's one more cute shot. Seems like there's some dust on the scanner...

Abby's eyes are slowing changing from beautiful blue to....non-blue. Man, John has some powerful genes! They over-power mine every time!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Please....I Need Help!

On the potty front...things have not been going well. At all. Okay, I don't want to completely make it seem like things have been a disaster as they haven't been, but I was assuming this potty learning thing would be quicker. Seriously, I can't believe it is taking so long! (7+ months!)

William is great when it comes to pee. He loves it. Loves to go to the bathroom. Loves to sit on the potty. (Boys learn sitting first, right? Don't want to have to teach standing AND sitting...need to master one first!) Loves to "watch it" come out. And really loves that he gets an M&M for going. I think that is his ultimate motivation - candy.

Here's where the problem lies: Poops never seem to make it to the potty. Never. He always tells me, "No pooping on Diego!" (Diego is the character on his Pull-ups.) But he always does poop on Diego. Every day, actually.

Yesterday I tried ditching the Pull-ups and putting on undies. (Brave, I know.) He loves Pull-ups, however, he can't pull them up (has no problem getting them down...but that's another story) and they're more like a diaper - he has no problem pooping in them. He's too comfortable in them. But I thought with undies he wouldn't poop in them because...well, who poops in undies, right?


Well, let me clarify...he didn't poop in them for I didn't give him ample time to do so. See, he sat on the potty to pee another drop out (for whatever reason he can't seem to "hold it"...has to pee Every. Drop. Out. All. The. Time.) but forgot to pull them down and...well, they got wet. Next thing I see is my bare bottom child running to the kitchen to admire his boyhood in the reflection of the oven.

So, long story short (or not!) back on with the diapers/pull-ups.

I would love to hear any and all tips, tricks, suggestions, hints, stories, encouragements, ideas, recommendations, get the might have on potty learning. (I ran across that phrase the other day. Apparently it's not called "potty training" anymore?)

So...whatcha got for me? I'm all ears!