Friday, April 30, 2010

Out Of The Mouths

Kids say the cutest things. But lately John and I have been saying things that we never dreamed that, say 10 years ago (heck, 2.5 years ago!), we'd ever say. Here are just a few.

"Why are there chips in your ears?" *Overheard John asking this to William.

"It's chunky. We don't drink chunky milk."

"Please don't clunk your little sister over her head with that bat. It's not nice."

"I like yellow, but not all over my walls." *Referring to William's artistic renderings all over my stairwell wall.

"We don't poop on Thomas the train. Ever." *He's got Thomas undies that he likes to wear. We are working on potty training him. Still. I can't go there right now because it just gives me a headache. Besides, that subject deserves it's own post. What am I saying? It deserves it's own section.

"That's a rabbit turd that's stuck there. That's the reason we wear shoes outside, Dear."

"Why is there a Lego man floating in the fish aquarium?"

There are more. Lots more! But what about you? Have you said anything to your kids you never thought you'd ever have to vocalize?

And then there are things that I never dreamed I'd hear come out of a tw0 and a half year old's mouth...
Apparently my son is very fashion-forward. I took the kids to the mall today to get my freebie pair of undies from Victoria's Secret. (I get a coupon every so often for a free pair and those freebies keep my stash well stocked!) I always, always park in the JC Penny parking lot. I don't like to mix it up because when I do, I forget where I park and then I'm stuck wandering the parking lot with two little kids who are undoubtedly cranky. But anyway, William was walking beside me through JC Penny (because you know, he certainly doesn't want to sit in the double stroller I lugged along!) when suddenly I realized that he was NOT walking beside me. I turned around to find my first-born gazing up at a pair of high-waisted women's jean-shorts. I hurriedly motioned for him to catch up to me but he waved me back. I huffed and turned the massive stroller around. Our conversation went down like this:

Me: What are you doing? You promised me you wouldn't run away!
William: I no run away. These shorts are cute, Mom. So cute.
Me: You like those shorts? They're really high-waisted.
William: So cute, Mom. For you.
Me: No, Mommy isn't getting shorts today.
William: So cute.
It didn't hit me until a few seconds later that that wasn't something most little boys talk about.

There are lots more of these conversations, too! He sure lights up my day, that little guy!

Friday, April 23, 2010

On The Go!

This picture pretty much explains itself. Our daughter does not like to sit. As in, ever. She is constantly on the go. I've had to quit nursing long ago because she simply had no patience to lie there and eat. She was always trying to sit up and look around. John said she takes after me in the "no patience" department. That, however, is an explanation for another post. Anyway, due to her lack of willingness to sit/lie in my arms and drink her bottle she now stands for her feedings (or at least the feedings when William is around. His presence makes her very shifty.). Just the other day she decided that standing in one place just wasn't for her. No. Apparently there was other fun to be had by the toy table so she cruised from the end table to the toy table. I'm just not ready for her to be this mobile yet. I wouldn't mind if she decided to regress a little, and sit nicely in her bouncy seat. I have a feeling those days are long over.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Day With Thomas

Last Saturday was a day set aside for William. He went to visit Thomas the Tank Engine! We went with some of our friends who have four littles, two of which are William's age.

Clearly he loves Thomas. I joke. He actually did like Thomas, but from a distance only. So, after we walked way around scairwee big Thomas, we hit the toy model train area. These Thomas trains agreed with him much better.

We went to the real model train garage/barn area and he loved those trains, too. He takes right after his Grandpa Adams! He is a train lover too!

There was a huge blow-up Percy train, or Puuursy, as William calls him. William mustered all his courage and went with me to get his picture taken next to him. He kept reassuring himself (and me!) that "Puuursy just a toy, Mom." Yes, Dear, I know.

While William watched and played with the model trains Abby socialized with her friend for a little while.

Then it was time for a ride on Thomas! Both William and Euan were quite excited!

On the ride William showed Euan his Thomas tattoo, and convinced him that he needed one as well! Really, what's a Day Out With Thomas with no tattoo?

Once seated, William immediately got comfortable, taking off his shoes and hat. Love the hat hair!
Peaking out the window!

Our ride was right in the middle of Abby's nap, so she clunked out right away.

We stopped at the fish hatchery on the way home, so it was a busy, packed day!

Friday, April 16, 2010

You can thank my sister-in-law for this.

Getting everyone together, in the same photo, looking at camera, dressed half-way decently is hard work. My sister-in-law had no idea what she was asking for when she made the request for a family photo. See, John's folks celebrated (yesterday) their 40th anniversary. Wow. That's a long time. Since none of the family could be there to help celebrate, everyone submitted a photo to be shared during their church service, so it was almost like we were least on the big screen. So, on Palm Sunday, before leaving for church, I had the brilliant idea of getting a quick family photo. Uh huh. My idea. Before church. Quick. (What was I thinking?)

John set up the tripod and the kids and I found a poop-free spot of grass and waited patiently for John to set the gear up. (I was just going to run next door and get my wonderful neighbor to snap a photo, but oh no. Tripod.) The timer on the camera could not be found. Being the sprightly fellow that he is, John thought that he could just pushtheshutterandrunreallyquickly into the frame before the shutter snapped.

Um....No. No daddy even remotely close to being in the photo. Even William knew that wasn't going to work.

Not yet deterred, John had a great idea of putting the camera on Still Mode. You know, when everyone in the frame is Still, the camera snaps, taking the picture. So there we stood, in the poop-free section of grass waiting. Waiting. No picture was taken. Moving on.

The next mode John tried was Smile Mode. As in, once everyone smiles at the same time, the photo will be taken. I told William and Abby not to smile. Wait until Daddy gets into the picture to smile. John stoically walked to the poop-free grass and then we told William and Abby to smile. There we stood. And stood. Again, no picture was taken.

I think, since it was Palm Sunday and all, and actually going to church on that semi-holiday was important, a voice must have told John where to look on the camera for the Timer because he suddenly found it. Whew. That was close.

This one is soooo close to being good! Only one isn't paying attention. Of course that's 50% of our kids. But if we put that in batting terms, it's pretty dawgone good. Try again.

Now come on, Leah. Your daughter isn't a puppet. Try again.

I actually think this shot is cute! So classic. But....try again.

I believe this is the photo that was displayed at the church. I do believe all eyes are at least in the direction of the camera and 50% of the children are smiling. (Whatever is going to happen when we have another one!?!) Abby was a bit sidetracked by my shirt, but hey. At least her head is in the right direction. Can I hear an Amen!

Congratulations to my Mother and Father "In Law"! 40 years is something to celebrate!

Monday, April 12, 2010


My son has a hobby. It's photography. Granted, his skills are still what some would consider, "In Progress", but he's coming along. Here is just a sampling of the many, MANY photos that he has discretely taken secretly without my knowing. Have I mentioned that he takes these when I'm not around?

Oh. Sorry.

I'm assuming this one was just a practice picture. You know, make sure the ISO is on the right setting; the flash on "auto". You know. General preparedness.

For the real budding photographer, however, sometimes more than one prep photo is necessary.

Then when the camera settings are all in place it is important to locate the subject of one's photos.

But beware! Sometimes said subject is quick and sprightly! One must be fast! Finger always on the shutter.

Concentration is key. Never forget about the subject, even if he or she happens to be crawling in the opposite direction. Photographing other objects of happiness can wait.

Ahhhh....absolute cuteness. And (almost) perfectly captured! Good job, William!


Friday, April 9, 2010

Be Still

Oh my heart. Be still. Here I am writing yet another post on how my baby is growing up before my eyes. Two days ago I took my kids outside for a walk. Instead of plopping Abby in the stroller I decided to try out William's car. I tightened the lap belt and Abby, like a driving pro, gripped the steering wheel and started jerking her body forward, as if trying to make the car go. She loved it, and it was all William could do to calmly let Abby sit in his car, grip his steering wheel, and have all sorts of fun he should be having but is not because he has to ride the ol' boring car with "dead batterlys". (Not really, he loves his McQueen car, but really, really dislikes sharing anything with his sister.) I figure if nothing else, having a little sister is teaching him to be a better person; to share, to love, to give.

After a while, though, he did get over his two year-old selfishness and allowed Abby to sit in the car and ride. They both ended up having a great time!

William was constantly making sure Abby was right behind him! He wanted to be the leader, but didn't want to get too far ahead.

Man I'm so glad this is just a plastic car!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Moves

Last night John and I were eating dinner and kids were playing in the living room, since they had long since eaten. William decided to go sit on John's lap, and well Abby - she wasn't about to be left behind so she started to crawl into the dinning room. She made it over to my chair and I know you're probably not going to believe me, but she reached up to the seat of my chair, pulled herself on to her knees, and then got to a standing position! She's not even 9 months yet and she's already starting to stand! (Granted she'll be 9 months in few days, but still.) I went to grab my camera, but by that time she had decided to sit back down and not perform again. Oh well...I'll be better prepared next time.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

2010 Home Opener

Yesterday officially started the 2010 season for our Angels! John took the day off from work so we could leave on time to watch all the festivities. We got there plenty in time to watch the Twins' batting practice, get hot dogs, and find our seats before all the "fun" began. There was the raising of the 2009 West Champion flag, singing, a fly-over, and a few fireworks. To put a long story short, William was freaked out because of all the things going on (the fireworks and fly-over did him in, I think) and John for all practical purposes, didn't see the game. He did, however, walk every level in the stadium, eat yummy kettle corn, and listen to all the fun going on just yards away. Oh well...we did have lots of fun before the fear took over.

Down in left field watching batting practice.