Monday, March 25, 2013

Busy Fun

Things have been busy here.  I have finished planting my garden for this year, we have had thousands of pounds of rock dumped on our front lawn and moved to the back, many trees have been planted (or await planting), William has had lots of Little League practices and several games, and we have taken a trip to the zoo.  And it's only the end of March!  I will say that I do like the busy, especially the work that we are doing around our home.  Things are coming together nicely, and I can see a really cool backyard taking it's final form.

When things get too crazy, Abby jumps in and feeds her little sister.  She's getting to be such a big helper.  Maggie loves to eat so that helps matters.

All three kids play so nicely together.  

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  

Here's our little group at the LA Zoo.  It was such a beautiful day!  Overcast (thing smog covering, but who cares!) and no crowds.  Reason #457 why we choose to home school - we can do activities on our time table!

This past weekend we had another 7,000+ pounds of rock delivered and dumped in our front yard.  It took all day to move them to the back, but now we are ready to trench the backyard and lay grass, then complete the water fall.  

We spend every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at the ball park watching William practice and play games.  This was my view not too long ago.  Little sister loves her Daddy!

Maggie love to just sit in the grass and play with whatever is around her!  

The kids memorize like crazy.  Here is a fun little poem they learned about directions.  

They learned Psalm 1, although they were a little goofy and never finished it for the video. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


It was quite warm yesterday - in the 80s actually.  William had ball practice and it was so nice to sit outside in the warmth. 

Maggie didn't seem to mind the glasses one bit.  They din't have a strap on the back so they slid off quite easily, so I had to be quick with the picture. 

In other news my garden is springing up quite nicely, with peas, asparagus peas, kale, and sunflowers all sprouted.  In a week or so I'll plant the rest of the veggies.  I'm waiting because the nights can still get a bit chilly.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

First Little League Game

William had his first Little League game this past Saturday.  They played the Dodgers on a real field, with a real score board, AND an announcer!  It was so cool to hear, "And next up to bat is William!"  

They had a 30 minute warm-up before the game started.

They are allowed four strikes/misses before they are allowed the tee.  The very nice thing about this year is that the fans (me!) have bleachers that are enclosed.  So no sun burns or wind chaffing happening this year!  And if food is forgotten the snack bar is a mere three feet away.  Win-win!  

William was up to bat three times yesterday, only needing the tee for one time. 

Here he is scoring!  The Angels beat the Dodgers 21-17.  He plays with his friend, so he knows someone on his team, and Abby and I also have someone to talk to at the twice-weekly practices.  I'm excited for this year.  It seems like he is learning a lot and having a great time!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Flying along

Life has been extremely busy lately.  A good busy, and a busy that I'm really loving.  Adding a third child (who is extremely needy, I might add) has really kicked my butt.  Maggie is an easy-going child with me, and pretty much only me.  I've tried nursery with her only twice, out of sheer necessity, and both times I was called in to relieve her agony of mommy-separation.   In the last week she has learned to say "maa...maa...", which sounds like a bleating little lamb.  Yes, I am her hero.  And I love it!

She continues to wake during the night to nurse, something I'm not used to, as the other two kids were already sleeping a good 10-12 hours at night by this age (almost 9 months).  My little squirt continues to eat an incredible amount of food and oddly enough is still very small for her age.  I have noticed her filling out a little bit, but not much.  She can sit pretty well, but when she's excited will tumble over.   

She's a horrible sleeper for naps, something I really thought she'd eventually start to learn to do better with age.  But no.  She hates sleep.  I'm fairly certain if I were lay down with her she'd sleep like a baby (heh heh!), but that ain't happenin'. 

William is doing very well with kindergarten this year.  I've had to lower my expectations for both me and him, as I had many subjects planned for him to complete.  I've since discovered that the best for him right now is to learn to read well and get lots and lots of outdoor play.  He's a diligent worker when it comes to school work, though.  

The highlight of his days are going outside to play and explore.  I just love the weather we have in these early months of the year! middle child.  Every time I look I her I do a double-take, as she looks! when I was her age.  She is so smart, that I'm thinking she'll be reading right along with William sooner rather than later.  She writes all her letters and numbers, memorizes Bible verses and poetry with ease, and lovingly cares for her little sister.

But don't let that adorable smile and braids catch you off guard.  This girl is a Pistol.  I capitalized that word on purpose.  The things she comes up with to do...I just have no words.  She gets into everything, and then will deny, deny, deny.  But really.  When the word "Abby" is written in bold, inked letters on the end table, there really is no denying who did it.  And just because the word "Mom" is written in ink on my panty door doesn't remove the blame from a certain little pig-tailed chica.

On the weekends (and some week nights) we have been working hard in our backyard.  We had to pull and replant the fruit trees we planted last year due to root rot.  Apparently one can water too much.  William can be found working hard right alongside of John.

We had a truckload of boulders delivered last week, and John and a group of guys hauled them to the backyard.  I'm so excited with what we are doing back there.  John has put so much work into our dirt patch and it's almost finished.  I can almost call it our yard.

The kids have enjoyed many afternoon stories with Oma via Skype.  She read The Mouse and the Motorcycle to them, and has since read many more picture books.  Ah...the memories it brings back, listening to her read the stories she used to read to me as a child.  Love it!

William is in coach-pitch Little League this year!  After only having one year of tee-ball he does remarkably well for jumping into coach-pitch.  Last weekend was their opening day and pictures.

His friends who played with him last year are taking a season off, but some long-time friends of ours signed up their son to play ball, so we asked to be on the same team.  There is a year + difference in age between the boys, but they get along so well, with R taking William under his wing, so to speak.

I know I've not been diligent in blogging, but I'm hoping to get better in the future.  I know, I'm laughing about that over here, too.  But keep checking back here...