Friday, January 30, 2009

Angel Time!

Yesterday the three of us took off for Select-A-Seat at Angel Stadium. Every year, depending on seniority, all season seat holders get one opportunity to go into the stadium and upgrade/change their season seats. This year, due to the poor economy, people were able to add seats as well. Our appointment was early in the morning, so we were out the door by 8.

John and I basically just wanted to move in a little this year, to make our seats more desirable. The seats we've had the past 2 years have been great, but if there's a big person sitting kiddy corner to us, it's hard to see the home plate. So, after reviewing the available seats, we decided to move up several rows, and over 10 seats or so, to the middle of the section. I think we're going to be happy with what we've got.

We were very close to purchasing a third seat, but as you can see, William can barely hold his seat down, and really didn't enjoy sitting. So, for this year at least, we're only going to have 2 seats, and we're going to leave him with a sitter when we go to games. Yes, you heard me correctly...I'm going to leave my baby....but that's another post!

This outfit is courtesy of some friends of ours, Bill and Pat, who are also ushers here at the stadium. It's an 18 month outfit, so I've been trying to be patient in having him wear it...he's so cute in it!!

The obligatory pose on the ball...2009.

Same ball, one year ago...2008. What a difference a year makes!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Thoughts On Being Pregnant

I don't much care for it. At least the early weeks. I am tired beyond belief, and the work at home and with William just doesn't end. There's always something to be done, and I have no energy to do it. I have to say that I have been sleeping better at night, due to ear plugs. I never thought I'd ever wear them, but I wish I had had them much earlier in our marriage, as John has gotten up at 4am for a loooong time now. Now I don't hear a thang! :-)

I haven't gone out of the house in...oh...about a month now, except for groceries and to take William on quick walks. But you know what? I don't care. I have no energy or desire to go out. I can't wait for this feeling to pass! I know it will, and that's what's keeping me going.

On another note, John got out an old keyboard from the garage the other day just for William. He loves to Skype, but also loves to pound on the keyboard while Skyping. At the suggestion of my Mom John dug out this old keyboard and William thinks he's hot stuff! He'll pound on the keys, look at me, and say "dada", like he's typing an email to John. Too cute!

Well, I better make sure the maid is doing her job!! Gotta go!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

100 Bucks!

As I mentioned yesterday, I haven't been sleeping AT. ALL. for the past, oh...10 days or so.

I'm serious. NO SLEEP.

So yesterday I finally felt a teensy, tiny bit better to venture to Walmart to buy some ear plugs. I was willing to try anything. I was going to try Tylenol PM, as suggested, but wanted to try this first...I did have the Tylenol all ready to, just in case! John came home that night and also had ear plugs for me. What a sweet guy!

Anyway, after watching the season premier of Lost (my favorite show!) I jammed the plugs in, and headed off to bed, not at all optomistic. Well...I think I tossed and turned a little, but before I knew it it was 4am and John was getting up for work. That means I slept for 5 hours...and I didn't have to get up and use the bathroom!! A record! After John left, William graciously slept until 9:15, and so did I.

I can't tell you how wonderful I feel, getting some sleep for the first time in a loooong time. I feel at least like a 100 bucks!

And to top it off...there was NO puking this morning! Yeah!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A New Addition Coming Soon!

Hello all! I know I haven't posted in quite awhile, but I have a good excuse - John and I are expecting baby #2!! We are thrilled, and in the beginning I was very surprised, as I wasn't expecting things to move quite so fast.

Needless to say, I've been very sick with morning sickness (that last pretty much all day), headaches, and sleeplessness. The sickness I can deal with, but the lack of sleep is really starting to depress me. Every night I go to bed and lie awake for hours...sleep doesn't really come until after John leaves for work, which is around 5:45. Then I can sleep until William wakes up, around 8:30. So, as you can see, I don't get much sleep, and I'm not sure what to do about it. I've tried everything....I think! :) Any tips?

We had our first appointment this past Monday, along with an ultrasound. The baby is measuring right on schedule, about the size of a lima bean. Funny how something so small can make me SO sick. We also were able to see the heartbeat, which again, how something the size of a bean can have a heartbeat...amazing!

I have a due date of September 5, but delivery will probably be a little earlier, since our hospital and my doctor do not do a natural delivery after c-section (VBAC). I am SO disappointed about that, as I really wanted to try for a natural delivery...but that is still far off in the future, so I won't worry about that now.

Anyway....we covet your prayers for a healthy baby!

Friday, January 9, 2009

1st Hair Cut

I'm at a loss for words. My baby got his first hair cut. sniff...

He was in dire need of a cut, however, as you can see. I do think the longish curls were cute, but he was getting tangles when I washed his hair, and they were always getting stuck in his bib. Time to cut!
John had to get his hair cut tonight, so after he was finished William sat on his lap and Marla cut William's hair. He was NOT happy with her AT. ALL.

She put the cape on him, but we decided that maybe the cape was making him even more perturbed.

So off went the cape, and even more tears began to flow. His crying was a fake cry, we both decided, as it sounded very strange, and not like the crying sound we're used to. It was like he thought he needed to cry, but couldn't figure out why. But he just had to. The tears were huge, however. And there was drool. It was a good effect.

Anyway, 5 minutes later, he was all finished. John and I both thought he'd flail and arch his back, but he sat very still, like a big boy. He was too traumatized to get an after picture, but here's one I was sorta able to capture at home. I think it turned out very nicely.

This will be a day I'll remember for a long time.

Monday, January 5, 2009

A New Year!

I am back! Not only from my family's Christmas vacation but also from a self-imposed blogging vacation. I was just too busy with Christmas activities to keep up the blogging, but now I'm back, fully refreshed and ready for a new year!

The three of us took a wonderful family vacation this Christmas to Oregon to visit John's parents and Aunt and Uncle and cousin. We all had a great time! It was so nice for me to be able to sleep in a little longer, not have to think about cooking meals, be able to go on dates with my husband, and visit with family we don't see very often.

Over all, we covered more than 2500 miles! I have to admit that I wasn't looking forward to the road trip because of William, but he was such a trooper! I packed a huge bag of goodies and toys for him, but I didn't have to dig out even half of it. He entertained himself with the kid's music we played, ate "nummies", and slept. It was a great road trip.

William did cut more teeth while in Oregon, which made him more cranky than normal, however. Why is it that teeth feel the need to poke through while on vacation??

On the way back home we, along with John's parents, spent a few days in the Redwoods. What a lovely place! This picture is a little washed out...
We also stopped and spent the night with our friends in the San Francisco area. We went to Train Town and Sonoma's first winery.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!