Monday, December 17, 2012

Going out

All ready for church, wearing a knit sweater and bonnet MY grandma made! 

Sunday, December 16, 2012


The girls and I took a little vacation back east to visit my family and meet the newest member of the family - my sister's beautiful new daughter, K, born October 28.

Watching my sister in her new role as a mother was so fun! My sister, who I never believed would even HAVE a child, has shunned going back to work (doesn't want to miss.a.thing with her!) completely embraced nursing (she has a closet FULL of formula, because she was not going to be a cow!) and is already plotting with her husband on which mini van to buy (they want more kids!).  I told her she would love being a mom, and she absolutely does! 

My dad also got to meet Maggie for the first time on this visit. 
We had such a busy schedule while there - old friends to visit, family to see and catch up with, places to see, stores to shop, restaurants to eat at, and Christmas to celebrate!  It's really no wonder they just had to take a time out and catch up on their zs. 

My brother also had a very stressful week of studying for his final exams.  He's a senior this year (when did that happen!?!) and gearing up for a new job he landed in an accounting firm.  He's not actually sleeping in this photo...but the more I look at it the more disturbed I am by it.  

That's better.  Sort of.  K is such a good little dolly, sleeping wherever!  I have a feeling those days will be coming to a close rather soon, though. 

 I do declare! I love little girlie tights!

My mom took me (and Maggie) to a Getty concert one night which was so great!  (Until the end, when we left the building and completely forgot where we parked.  After 20 minutes of wandering around in the pitch dark we eventually found the van.)


Thank you all so much for such a wonderful vacation! 

I was so excited to get back home to my boys!  William was very happy to be reunited with Abby, although he had a wonderful time with John working in the lawn and around the house.