Friday, August 10, 2007

Baby Room

John...My hero! He *finally* put together the baby's crib!! I've been asking him to put it up for a LONG time now, and for some reason he agreed to put it up last night. It was pretty simple, but now the room looks "almost" complete. Just a border and a tiny, teeny piece of chair rail still needs to be done. I'll post pictures later.


Tennisc G said...

Yeah!! It's all coming together... Glad to hear it, after the many attempts to get cribs rails that were IN TACT.

I STILL think you should shove giant marshmallows in the empty chair rail space (they will bend around the corner!), paint it white, and call it a day =) ..hehehe

Other ideas for chair rail substitutes anyone??

Grandma A said...

how about some toothpaste? it works for lots of things.....filling holes,
brushing teeth, etc.....=)

hang in there, all is coming together
and soooo soon, you'll have a baby to put "in" the nursery!!

granny "a"