Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Santa Lame-O

A few days ago I was at Babies R Us returning some cupboard locks that my husband promised he'd install. That never happened, and I got sick of moving them from one section of too-full counter space to another section that was just as full. So I returned them and got my $2 back! YES!

As I was checking out I noticed a flyer that listed the various Santa visitings around the Los Angeles area. Since these visits are free (the ones at the mall are NOT!) I grabbed a flyer and immediately posted the event on my calendar, so as not to forget it. My son was going to see Santa!

So last night I reminded my sleep-deprived husband that tonight Santa was stopping his sleigh in Valencia and we were going to pay him a visit. He agreed to go and take pictures of the exciting time we were going to have.

This picture explains it all.
(What on EARTH is under his coat? He looks like a boob-job gone horribly wrong!)


I was gearing up for long lines. Lots of little kids. Crying kids. Lots of picture taking. There was nothing of the sort. John asked where the camera was and I was reluctant to take it out, lest its presence betray the fact that we were here solely to see the man in the red suit. Luckily I needed diapers and wipes, so after the 4.6 second stand next to Santa we were off to another section of the store.

We did let William ride Garfield, since Santa was such a let down.


Tennisc G said...

What a crazy looking, Santa!

Nice shirt, William... =) Was the Garfield ride fun??

Love ya,
Aunt Gina

Kim H said...

What a funny post! Seriously, why is the belly so far above the tiny little belt? Belly implant gone wrong!

adams7forhim said...

That's too funny! We, too, saw Santa last night at the mall. We even took pictures. What they don't tell you is that you can take your own picture as your child just 'says hi' to Santa. We haven't paid in years. What they DIDN'T tell us was that it was 'have your dog's picture taken with Santa' night ... so, Santa smelled a little like a wet dog! YUK! :) Maybe you can find a more 'Santa like' Santa somewhere else :) Love You guys!