Friday, February 12, 2010

Oh The Things He Says!

Me: Ew....I stepped in something. (Probably drool, spit up, who knows.)
William, wrinkling his nose: Mommy stepped in ewies!

Every morning he wakes up and promply says: "William watch Sleeping Booty."

When it's time for him to go to bed, say goodbye to a friend, etc.: "No bed bugs bite." He still needs to learn when it is the appropriate context to say that phrase, but it's still cute nonetheless.

I use my Vita Mix blender to make all of Abby's food, and it's use is seriously is the highlight of William's day. He loves that thing. After I wash it he always says, "Bye bwenda. No bed bugs bite."

He HATES taking a nap. Since we are very routinized, he knows that nap time is right after lunch. He always protests with "No nap William" when I tell him it's lunch time.

"It's funny?" is a very common phrase for him. He poops his diaper. "Poopin' on Diego. It's funny?" When I tell him that poop is so NOT funny he gets downright upset at me, insisting that it is funny! When Grandma left to back to Oregon he said, "Grandma funny." I think he meant "Grandma fun."

When asked about colors, everything is always "Green."

He still loves watching the "stinky truck" (garbage truck) take away the trash. "The stinky man has the poops!" (Poop is a regular topic in our household!)

I'm sure there are more, but right now my brain is on E.


Angie said...

What a little crack-up! And you will thank yourself later for writing those quickly we forget! It actually reminds me that Johnny used to say "are you happy mom?" similar to William's "funny" comment for things that were definitely not "funny" or "happy" potty accidents. And Johnny still does not like to eat lunch for the same reason...nap immediately afterwards! So sometimes I call it a 'snack' to avoid a fit from him because he doesn't want to go to bed afterwards. Semantics, yes, but it works! :)

kim h said...

So cute! Glad you're recording these for the future.