Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Oh Goodness

I bet you didn't think my follow-up would be this quick.

But WOW.  Those shoes add such an incredible dimension of chaos to our home that..well, there really are no words.  I'm officially commit-able.   

The End.

Good bye forever.


Kim H said...

No, come back Leah! For some sanity, remove the squeaker mechanism for an hour here or there.

Audra said...

So Ben has started doing some toe-walking. The doctor noticed it at his 15-month check-up. It is much worse when he is not wearing shoes. She said to stretch he calf but pushing the toes know how we stretch our calf muscle by leaning our toes up agains the wall?? Anyway, she said to keep the calf stretched out because usually children start doing it and it isn't a problem but they end up causing a problem after walking like that for so long. She said that it isn't a foot problem but a calf muscle problem. I can't remember what kind of specialist she said would then be needed. I thought about William and thought the stretching might be good for him. Maybe ask your doctor about his calf muscles too since he has walked like that for awhile. I do have to admit that I have only stretched Ben's muscles once since she told me to do that back on the 14th. Oops!