Saturday, August 27, 2011

We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Oh!  Was this book ever fun!  I'm sure most of you know the synopsis of the book, but the actions and motions that went with this book just made it come alive. 

We watched the author, Michael Rosen, do a great reading of his book.  The kids absolutely loved this video!  Each time we watch it we end up talking with a similar accent! Ha!

 We read books about other bears and their habitats.

Here he had to trace the bear to his cave.  These are great pre-writing activites.  I got this activity and more from this site

 We did more practice with patterns.  Abby is getting quite good at these!

This is a K4 book I bought from Abeka book.  They had a book preview (not really sure what they call those things, since you can't buy the books but only order) but I went because I could get free shipping.  I ordered this ABC 123 book, along with a k4 writing book that we won't be starting for awhile, and lots of little readers.

We had a full week of activities, but alas, I didn't take that many pictures.  We made of book of all the places the family had to go through, practiced with sequencing cards, did math graphing and more.   

This upcoming week I am hoping to do Angus Lost.  I think with everything I have planned it will take us two weeks to get through everything.  We shall see!


Tennisc G said...

I remember the Bear Hunt song from Girl Scouts...! Fun!! We had all sorts of motions to it (but no accent).

Looks like a great week of rowing... sign Abby up for MENSA, with her ease of recognizing patterns =)

Have a great week! Luv ya, - Aunt G

Grandma A said...


Kim H said...

What a fun video! Much more entertaining than at library storytime. Wow, great job with the patterns and coloring! Looked like a fun week.

Deborah Adams,Long Beach, California. said...

Very cute video, and the accent is a plus to assist in making learning fun. Super! :-)