Thursday, December 15, 2011

So Proud

I have so much to blog about...hopefully I'll get around to it soon.  This is just a busy time right now for me.  However, today was a special day for my boy that I must post some pictures! 

Every Thursday he goes to a gymnastics class.  It cuts right into nap that I almost didn't sign him up, but Abby seems to have no problem falling asleep a bit later than normal, so we have continued to go.  I actually love going.  It's a homeschool gym class, and the gym has professional equipment, which I love.  He's not really allowed to use much of it yet, since he's only in the preschool class, but the older kids are doing some amazing things on the uneven bars and balancing beams. 

Since the picture is so blurry I should mention that my boy is the one in the orange.  There are only five, sometimes six kids in his class.  With such a small class they get a lot of 1:1 time with the coach. 

Today was special since it is the last class before Christmas break.  All the kids received a gold medal for participating, along with a few precious seconds on the podium so they could take a bow.

I didn't tell William ahead of time that he was going to be getting a medal, so this came as a complete surprise to him.  I wasn't sure if he would even get up there, with so many kids and parents watching, but yup!  When his name was called he immediately sprang to his feet and got right up on that podium!

And he had no problem giving his salute, either!  I'll probably mention that next time he should leave his socks with me.

The kid was so excited to get this small token!  Before going in his room for quiet time he put it around the stair railing "to keep it safe until Daddy comes home."

We couldn't leave until Abby was able to take her turn on the blue square thing.  She loves watching William "do gym", but can't wait until she turns three, when she'll be able to be in the preschool class! 


Gina said...

Yay William! CONGRATS on your medal!! You look like a natural up on the victory podium =)

Love you, Aunt Gina

Grandma A said...