Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wordy Wednesday...(it IS Wednesday, right?)

Things have been busy here.  I've been busy catching up on my reading and thinking seriously of approaching my doctor about this idea.  If for no other reason than to see the look on his face. 

I just finished book two of The Hunger Games.  If you've never read them, drop all and read it.  You won't regret it.  The movie is coming out soon, so get on it. 

My daughter is extremely attached to me lately.  I think I like it.  It is especially working in our favor in terms of teaching her to sit quietly in church.  She's like a church mouse - quiet but intensely shifty.

With kindergarten right around the corner I've been trying to settle on what goals I'd like William to have reached come 1st grade.  It can be a bit overwhelming, but really.  It's only kindergarten and I think the only "skill" he won't learn (compared to other mainstreamed kids) will be line-formation.  I can deal with that.  A day trip to Disney will teach him all he needs to know in that department.

And speaking of kindergarten I think I found a fun math program.  Check it.  Seems a bit pricey, but I like that it's a mastery program rather than a spiral program. 

The weather is turning wonderful here!  We are thisclose to getting our fruit trees planted in the back yard, and I think it might be time to start getting some of veggies planted in my garden.  My peas and tomatoes didn't do well last year so I'm thinking an earlier start might help them out. 

We are on our second-to-last book in Before Five In A Row.  I'll post about that later.  If I don't forget.


Angie said...

Hey Leah - I hope you're feeling better these days! I just had to comment to say that I actually did placenta encapsulation after my 2nd baby. My mom thought I was absoulutely bonkers for trying it, but I honestly think it helped. If nothing else than for a placebo effect. :) And my hubby was the same as Lindsay's and would ask if I'd taken my 'happy pills' if I was especially moody. I def think it's worth looking into! As for homeschool stuff, I'd LOVE to hear what you're planning for William. I feel so inept at homeschool and preparation but know it's what I want to do for my least for the first few years. So I'm all ears on what you're choosing out there - just too many options and I'm feeling overwhelmed!

Angie said...

BTW, I didn't do encapsulation with #3 but now wish I had...