Monday, March 24, 2008

Air Travel - with a 6 month baby!

William and I left for Michigan a day later than originally planned....LONG story about that! But after getting to the airport Saturday and finding the airline had canceled our ticket, we had no choice. This trip I had an umbrella stroller, which made transporting William much easier. But this trip was much harder than the Christmas flight I made with him at 3 months old. I think his ears were bothering him, because he cried and cried, pulling on his ears. I fed him, played with all the toys I brought, handed him to the flight attendants for awhile, walked the aisles, and just stood with him all in an attempt to keep him happy. For being such a little guy he did pretty well....I was just exhausted...and we were only in Chicago! 3.5 more hours of waiting for the next 30 minute flight to GRR. In Chicago he screamed even more, since he was so tired. When we finally landed in Grand Rapids he was more than happy to see his Grandma and Grandpa! I was happy to hand him off to someone else for a little bit!

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Grandma A said...

Thank the Lord for family who help us and get us through the rough spots!
Enjoy your time with family.....know they are amazed at William's growth and development!!
Love & Hugs,
Grandma "A"