Sunday, April 6, 2008


Lots have been happening in William's short life, and these last days here in Michigan William has been experiencing a LOT of firsts! Let me recap....
*first museum - Field's Museum
*first swim - Kentwood Pool
*first zoo - John Ball Zoo
*first trip to Chicago
*first Cracker Barrel visit - in Chicago, no less!
*first 30 second sit by himself!!! Whoo hoo!
*first Spanish lesson - with Uncle Jared
*first time seeing a quad - ok, I'm stretching this lists of firsts a little too far, buy hey! I'm VERY proud of my little guy!


Tennisc G said...

Way to go William!!
...have we said our first "mama" yet???

Love you,
Aunt Gina

Grandma A said...

That's our guy.....full of "firsts"
and ready for more!! Have a great flight home....=)

Love ya,
Grandma "A"