Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Anaheim Here We Come!

It was a last minute decision, since we found ourselves by ourselves on a lovely, sunny day. Instead of staying home like always, we trucked down to the Scholastic Book Fair, which was awesome! I was able to purchase lots of good books, and get great deals - some of the books were 80% off!

Then we took the Angel Stadium tour, something I've always wanted to do. We got to go down into the "bowels" of the stadium, seeing the team (opposing) locker room (we weren't able to see the Angels' locker room, due to their personal effects being out and about), press boxes, dugouts, you name it! It was a great tour - and all for $3!

The best part - I couldn't have asked for a better kid to take with me! William was SUCH a trooper today! His only naps were taken in the car (granted we did have 2 rather long car rides, but still!) and lunch was eaten on the run. He never fussed or, for the most part, gave me hard time. He was great! The picture above....ah....yeah....he rapidly got sick of being in his stroller, so I took him out, and the next thing I knew he was racing down the dugout suits hall, trying to figure out which one he was going to buy up. I raced right after him, and it was hilarious...he turned to look at me, then he squealed with delight and continued to race away from me! That was the first time he's EVER done that! He normally sticks very close to me. Ah...I guess he's growing up!

We got home all safe and sound, and I spent the rest of the afternoon tutoring. Whew! No rest for the weary! It's good, though. :)

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Tennisc G said...

Sounds like a blast...! Great pix!!

See ya soon.

Love ya,
Gina & Andy