Sunday, November 2, 2008


This morning we left William in the nursery, since of the three of us he's the only one who's healthy. We thought that sitting in the well-baby cry room would not have been good, even though the "baby" is well.

We dropped him off and left quickly, so I couldn't see the alligator tears that I'm sure poured out. I left explicit instructions for the attendants to page me if he was crying more than 10 minutes. (They've let him cry for a looong time in the past, and that just upset me.)

I completely expected to be paged during the service, but none came. :-)

When we went back to the nursery to pick him up a nice girl was holding him (of course!) and he was tear-free. The moment he saw us he started to cry, giving us me the guilt trip. The girl assured me that he hadn't cried (really) and had played with the toys.

It was great being able to get a few moments away, and to enjoy a great sermon.

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Tennisc G said...

Yeah William!
Sounds like you found a "girlfriend" in the nursery...!

Enjoy your class while Mom & Dad go to church. Love ya.

Aunt Gina