Friday, January 30, 2009

Angel Time!

Yesterday the three of us took off for Select-A-Seat at Angel Stadium. Every year, depending on seniority, all season seat holders get one opportunity to go into the stadium and upgrade/change their season seats. This year, due to the poor economy, people were able to add seats as well. Our appointment was early in the morning, so we were out the door by 8.

John and I basically just wanted to move in a little this year, to make our seats more desirable. The seats we've had the past 2 years have been great, but if there's a big person sitting kiddy corner to us, it's hard to see the home plate. So, after reviewing the available seats, we decided to move up several rows, and over 10 seats or so, to the middle of the section. I think we're going to be happy with what we've got.

We were very close to purchasing a third seat, but as you can see, William can barely hold his seat down, and really didn't enjoy sitting. So, for this year at least, we're only going to have 2 seats, and we're going to leave him with a sitter when we go to games. Yes, you heard me correctly...I'm going to leave my baby....but that's another post!

This outfit is courtesy of some friends of ours, Bill and Pat, who are also ushers here at the stadium. It's an 18 month outfit, so I've been trying to be patient in having him wear it...he's so cute in it!!

The obligatory pose on the ball...2009.

Same ball, one year ago...2008. What a difference a year makes!!


Gary said...

He is so stinkin cute!!! It is because he came from GREAT stock and good DNA. William is definately "Mr. Angel" in that outfit.. I love it! I sure wish we could have bought tickets with you guys.. I miss the Angel games and all the fun they bring. The whole rally monkey thing started after we moved away from So Cal and it is so much fun during the games. Have a super time this season at the ballpark.

Tennisc G said...

Hey, get him out there on that field ASAP... start him EARLY!

I see a future Cy Young award winner =)

Aunt Gina