Monday, August 17, 2009

Grammy & Grandpa's Visit

We also enjoyed a great visit with John's parents. I think William really wore poor Grammy out, with his frequent potty visits, baths, and his refusal to eat. (A complete attention getter, if you ask me!) I joked with Carole that she has to go home to rest since vacation at our house is NOT relaxing! lol...I did appreciate the extra set of hands, though!

Playing blocks with Grandpa.

Grammy loving on Abby.

We also did a little pre-birthday celebration for William. He got a tee-ball set!! Yeah!


Tennisc G said...

Looks like TOTAL fun, William!!

Get practiced up with baseball... the Angels might need you help this season!!

Love you
Aunt Gina

Kim H said...

Visits from Grandma/pa are always fun! And exhausting for the adults! Looked like lots of fun & loving! Glad you had such great support!