Monday, September 14, 2009

This Is FUN!

Here's William, all ready to go biking with Mom and Dad. My neighbor is absolutely the greatest person on earth, so she took Abby at a moments notice, so the three of us could go for a ride. Once he got the superfluous pads off, he was much happier!

Abby is quite the binky sucker. William hated the thing. She loves it! I can't go anywhere without it. Our kids are cut from the same cloth, but they are so different! She's a spitter, in need of bibs, William never spit up. I don't like putting bibs on, since they cover so much of her clothes, but some outfits have matching bibs. But...I'd rather use a bib than change her clothes 3-4 times a day. That gets boring quickly!


Kim H said...

Poor guy. He looks so traumatized. Wow, that soothie looks huge in her mouth! She's so cute sucking away. So content. I just recently stopped putting bibs on Will b/c I thought it was getting ridiculous being over 1 & still needing a drool bib (not much of a spitter-upper, but a huge drooler); it was starting not to look so cute anymore. So now he's just wet all the time. Abby's so cute now, a bib is more "normal." And remember you might need to buy more in stages as the older ones get groddy or mildewy.

Grandma A said...


Kim said...

That picture of William is hysterical!