Saturday, October 16, 2010

This Week's Learnin'

It was E's turn to shine this week. (Ya know, The Letter E.)

He attempted his first color-by-number of Ellie Elephant.

I strive for excellence in my home teaching, so that elephant was NOT going to cut it for me. I found this one online. We eversobriefly talked about the two different kinds of elephants (Asian and African) and what the differences are.

We continued with our 100s chart. Actually, to be perfectly honest, we started our 100s chart this week sooooo....can't quite say that we continued with it. We will, though, continue with it this upcoming week! (Hey, it took me awhile to make the numbers!)

I'm quite proud of the calendar in the background of this picture! I found it on sale for $4 at Michaels (TONS of pieces came with it!) and just finished laminating it. So now, every morning, we have our calendar time. William is slowly learning the days of the week, and loves jumping up on the window ledge to see what the weather is. (This constant heat is making it difficult to learn anything new other than "Warm". "Sunny". "Hot". I probably will never use the "Snow" or the "Rain" pieces so I'm not sure why I bothered laminating those.) But regardless, we check the weather every morning!

Abby has plenty of learning going on, too. I've already instilled in her the importance of Baby Wearing! Baby doesn't fit well in the back carrier, due to her super short legs, but this Baby fits quite well.

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Tennisc G said...

Loving all the alphabet updates, and the numbers/calender/etc.... Can I sign up for a refresher course, and get to color too???? Looks like fun.... hehehe

Great job, Leah!

Love ya, G