Tuesday, November 2, 2010


The back patio is finished (for now). The tough parts are done, now John just has to actually assemble the covering and put it up.

Please ignore my weird jeans. Wish John had pointed them out to me BEFORE taking the picture! Grr...

I lovelovelove our back patio! With another 2 feet of additional space (I was wrong in a previous post when I said we were adding 18 inches) all around it seems perfect, without taking up too much of the actual yard.

The ledger board was quite a pain to put up. I say that loosely, since I didn't actually put it up, but the studs were hard to find and a lot of sawing and drilling into my lovely house was done. BUT...it's up and we're ready to move to the next step!


Kim said...

So all he has to do is just assemble the cover and put it up...no biggie...should be a piece of cake :-)

Leah said...

Haha...Yeah...I guess I made it sound a bit trite! But John keeps saying that "the hard part is done!" I think the hard part is just starting. ugh.

Tennisc G said...

Lookin' GOOOD!!!

The patio cover will help with the shade -- big time!!


Grandma A said...