Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What's up?

We've been remarkably busy these days. The kids are taking shorter naps, and I've tried (fairly successfully!) to cut out Abby's morning nap as well. I do insist that the afternoon quiet time is at least an hour, though, to allow me some time to regain my sanity. Ahem.  They both usually sleep for that amount of time, or even longer.

The weather has been just gorgeous, so the kids have wanted to play outside a lot. William also wants to do any and all crafts, loves working on his letters, and just about every day asks to do play doh.

William learned about the letter "K". Abby's favorite letter so far has been "J for Jerry Jellyfish" because she loves to shake her body like a slippery jellyfish!

This is a fun mosaic activity, that he can either sort by color or shape, or use one of the many pattern cards to make a picture. He still cannot recognize his colors, but I do know that he can decipher colors, as he was able to sort them just fine.

This activity: Complete Fail.  I took a picture of the box so none of you faithful readers would get it for your child and then be completely frustrated and angered that it didn't work out.  William was really looking forward to making this butterfly, too.  The pieces were simply too small (looked quite large, actually, in the photo on the box) and they didn't adhere well enough.  I even tried glue.  I felt much better after I chucked it into the trash and announced we were going to the park.  Get ready!

So yes, we spent a good amount of time this morning playing at the park, since our planned activity from Michael's (love that store!) was a disaster.  Man, my little 3 year old is quite the monkey!  Compared to last year, where even going up the stairs to the slide was a big deal, this year is going to give me heart attacks.  He climbed up the bars, the chain link whatever-their-calleds, you name it!  I was up on the playground thing making sure he didn't kill himself when Abby called me.  I quickly made my escape down the fire pole.  I helped Abby and turned at the exact moment that William landed on the ground after attempting to also slide down the pole.  A dad who had been watching the whole thing had started to run up, but when he saw that William was none the worse for wear, started laughing and shaking his head, completely amazed at what he saw.  He said that William sat down, reached for the pole, missed with one hand, grabbed back on to the playground floor, and then, well...just let go.  I would like to think that William was a bit shook up...maybe he'll be more cautious next time?  Anyway...it was a fun time!


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adams7forhim said...

Sounds like you got your workout while the kids 'played' at the park!! Fun, fun!

Kim H said...

Little boys are heart attacks for moms all over! Wow, what a little rough and tumble guy! I don't know how you stay sane with both only taking an hour rest, you're awesome!