Thursday, April 21, 2011

And William says...

William just cracks me up!  He says the funniest things sometimes. 

Just yesterday he was on the potty, and I was loading the dishwasher waiting for him to finish up.  He was singing.  Soon he calls me, saying he's done.  I go in to him.

"I was singing, Mom."
"Yeah, and it sounded so nice!"
He looks at me for a second.  Completely stone-faced he says, "That was the poop song."
Okay then.  Good to know. 

And today, after going to the park, we ran to the dollar store to get some of those plastic eggs to fill up for our home Easter egg hunt.  While waiting in a very long line William spots some Creme-filled chocolate eggs and asks if he could get one.  Well seriously, how could I say no to those morsels of deliciousness ?  So he tosses it in the cart.  I pay, and we all leave.  I start the truck up and our conversation goes as follows:

"Can I please have my egg?"
"No, you can't have it because it's in the bag now."
"Well I want it in my tummy now." 

A minute or so goes by.
"Can I please have my egg?"
I try another excuse.
"No, because you have to hunt for it."
He gets incredulous look on his face.  "It's just right there in the bag, Mom."

I just about died laughing!


Grandma A said...


Gina said...

Yeah Mom... "it's just right there!"... hehehe... he is TOOO smart!

Kim H said...

So funny, he's just too smart for his own good.