Monday, April 25, 2011

Follow up on tipping

First, thank you all for piping in on my burning question on tipping pizza drivers.  Seems like the consensus was that tipping the driver is the appropriate thing to do.  I do, however, have one more question.  If the "delivery fee" goes to the franchise (as brought up in a comment), then what is that money being used for?  They've already made a profit on the purchase of a pizza, so does that money go to pay the driver for his gas?  Wear and tear on his car?  Insurance?  Or is the company just pocketing it?  There eventually will come a time when the more money the franchise takes, the less money people will have to buy pizza and tip the driver.  There may even come a time when it's more cost effective to buy a frozen pizza (gasp!).  I'm all for tipping the driver, but I'm just curious where these "fees" are going and what they are being used for.

Anyone?  Anyone?


Deborah Adams,Long Beach, California. said...

Good question! I suspect the driver might get a small amount per mile, but I'm not sure.
Frozen pizza! Have you ever made homemade? It's lucious! Use some fresh Basil and tomatoes from your garden. Yum! Give it a try! :-)

Reid said...

I've heard different stories on where the money goes. Usually it sounds like some portion goes to the driver in the way of some kind of salary/payment for gas... But it sounds like it's usually much less than the equivolent of the delivery fee.

I'd think that if they are going to charge a delivery fee, MOST of it should go to the driver. From what I've heard, this is not the case.

This is why I tend to tip very little when there is a delivery fee (I usually deduct some or all of the fee from what I would have tipped). Yes, I know that most immediately hurts the pizza delivery person, and not the pizza company taking in the delivery fee...

...But if everyone did this, delivery people would make very little. But then I think delivery people should stand up for themselves and demand better compensation in light of the delivery fee. They should demand a larger portion of that fee.

Otherwise, it's not the delivery person getting cheated -- it is the pizza purchaser who otherwise just ignores the fact that more and more subtle little fees get slapped on to their bills...