Saturday, September 10, 2011

Angus Lost

The last two weeks have been spent on the book Angus Lost.  I'll be honest.  I'm not sure why it is is such a highly recommended book.  Maybe I'm just tired from all the heat we've been having, but after such a fun row with We're Going on a Bear Hunt I found this book a tad dull.  The kids did enjoy the book, and I was able to pick up several other Angus books, Harry the Dirty Dog books, and other fun dog books.

This dog sorting activity proved way too easy for him, so Abby soon took it over.

Both kids did this pets activity page.  Abby loves her glue.

 She also loves pink marker.  And this was after I washed her face off.  Washable...whatever.

In the book Angus follows the milkman back to his home.  So we learned about the milk-making process.  We even watched a Reading Rainbow video of how milk and cheese are made.

I made dirt cups for the kids' snack one day.  A favorite book was Dirty Harry so I thought this was a great tie-in!  Oh, my creativity astounds me some days!

They were a huge hit with the kiddos! 

The last two weeks were quite busy, with preschool activities (again, I'm forgetting to take pictures of a lot these days, however their Before Five in a Row lapbook binder is quickly filling with some really cool activities!), a trip to a neat park to explore the lake, a trip to the beach, a birthday trip to Disney, canning English relish, canning pickles, and some fun backyard projects.  I'll more more about that later.  Good things are happening over here!  

Happy weekend everyone!


Kim H said...

Fun two weeks and full of activities! And happy birthday William! I hope Disney was fun, can't wait to hear and see pictures.

Grandma A said...