Monday, October 10, 2011

Caps For Sale

I'm a bit behind in writing these posts, but for the most part I have been doing our rows.  A few weeks ago we did the book Caps For Sale.  The book is about a peddler who wears his goods, in this case, caps, on his head.  One day he has a particularly hard time selling his hats so he goes to the country to rest.  After his nap he notices all his caps are gone!  You really must read this cute story to find out the rest.

I simply love these activities from Homeschool Creations.  They are great for introductory phonics, and they incorporate the book and theme we are doing. 

I forgot that a long time ago I bought a sticker book for Abby.  She has a great time playing with it while William does his work. 

William is continuing to work on his number recognition.  His letters and sounds are great, and with the help of these fun number mats his numbers are coming along quite nicely. 

We took some time to make several fall art projects.  William is showing off his pumpkin mobile. 

We go through A LOT of construction paper in this house, so I decided to put some of the scraps to good use!  I cut out the trunk of a tree and cut up bits of paper and the kids made fall trees.  William has his hanging in the upstairs window.

 I LOVE this picture of William!  It is so hard to get him to smile his natural smile for the camera so when I get one, I must post it.  Here he was showing his money cards.  In the story the peddler sells his caps for 50 cents each, so we learned about the various coins and what they each were worth.

This was a fun hat activity that kept Abby busy for, oh, 10 seconds...maybe.  It took a long time to cut out each hat that and for so little interest...not sure I'd do this one again.

I did make fun cake pops for the kids this week, in hopes of turning them into monkey heads.  Yeah, that didn't really happen.  But the pops were still good, plain and all.


Gina said...

Great pix and great activities!! And I love your pretty smile, William!!!! Missing you and Abby.

Love, Aunt Gina

Kim H said...

THanks for the link to Homeschool Creations! I've got them bookmarked. That looks like a cool phonics worksheet. I'll probably want to do more of those with Will (and check out if she has some worksheets for number values & relationships). Love the pumpkin mobile and tree collages! You're so creative!

Deborah Adams,Long Beach, California. said...

Catching up on my blog hopping. Love the Williams pumpkin mobile! :-)