Monday, October 17, 2011

Katy No-Pocket

This book was...interesting.  First, let me air my hang-ups with the book, just to get them out of the way.  The book is about a mother kangaroo who has NO POCKET for her baby.  Seriously?  How in the world did the baby even come to be, without that necessary pocket?  Kangaroos are marsupials so the pocket is, well, important.  Another issue that just got to me was the poor grammar.  Oh my.  There were times when I had to re-read sentences just to get them to make sense.  The poor grammar had nothing to do with the style of the book, either.  It was just bad.  Moving on.

The kids, however, loved the book!  This is our first book where the main character is a kangaroo, so they thought that was quite neat.

We learned where kangaroos live - Australia.  And yes, I do know that he is pointing to the ocean.  There were several other pictures of him actually pointing to the continent, but the smile wasn't as good.  I went with a good smile.  We learned what kangaroos eat and that they are marsupials.  We also talked about what other animals are marsupials.  I was even able to find a short video online about kangaroos.  The kids' favorite one was of two male kangaroos having this horrific fight.  I have to admit, they do have impressive kicks.

The brown kangaroo is very funny.
She leaps and hops and runs like a bunny.
And on her stomach is a pocket so wide
Her baby can jump in and go for a ride!

The kids love learning poems!

Our October poem, that we sing while doing calendar time is:
(Sing to the tune of Found a Peanut)
Spell October!
Spell October!
Spell October now with me.

We have another very fun October poem/song that we are learning, but I'll share that another time.

Animal Classification
We learned more about animal families and classification.  Did you know that a female kangaroo is called a Flyer and that a male kangaroo is called an Old Man?  Me neither.  I love it though!


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