Friday, May 11, 2012

"L" is for ladybug

These last two weeks we have worked with the letter "L".  Both kids know their letters, but I want to make an alphabet book with Abby, like I did with William, so with spring on us I decided to do "L".

We got our Ladybug Land in the mail a bit ago (thank you Groupon!) and as soon as the ladybug larvae arrived in the mail we started our "L"/ladybug unit.

I picked up a bunch of ladybug books from the library, and we learned all about their life cycle (currently they are finishing up the pupa stage and there are about 4-5 of them that are turning into ladybugs.  So neat!) and the characteristics of insects in general.

Labeling the parts of a ladybug.

The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle was our main book, as we had lots of activities to go along with that well as a fun stuffed animal I picked up some time ago.

Here's Abby posing with Ladybug L.  And yes, she completed this little project so early in the morning I didn't even have time to get her out of her jammies.  She simply loves to "do her letters".  It's actually hard to keep her occupied with quality activities, because she knows when I'm just giving her "busy work."  (She told me she wants to add this letter to her "alphabook".  {smile}

This puzzle could probably be considered "busy work" but she loved it!  It had the letter "L" on it, along with ladybugs, so it fit right in with what she considered "learning her letters". 

We started to learn to tell time, since The Grouchy Ladybug does something new at different hours of the day.  I pulled out my clock and while we read the kids found the new time.  Now they are running around asking what time it is, if we are late, and telling me the time. 

They colored hand-drawn pictures (by yours truly) of each of the different animals the grouchy ladybug talks to during her day, then they put them in the correct time order.

Both kids love doing Do-A-Dot, so they marked up the ladybug and I cut them out.  Pasting is a huge deal as well, so this little project turned into a very fun craft for them.

They each also made "L" books.  They traced the letter "L", cut out pictures from magazines that started with the letter "L" and did other activities for their books.

In all, I would have to say this was a very fun unit!


Happy Mother's Day weekend!  I know I will be enjoying it with my little children. 


Gina said...

Cute pix! Abby's hair is getting so long :)
Can you send me JPG of last one, so I can have print made? Thx!!

Happy Mother's Day!
-Aunt Gina

Deborah Adams said...

That last photo of William and Abby is SO Cute!!! Very vintage and fun!
Such fun projects too! :-)

~ Deb