Thursday, May 30, 2013

Happenings....It's been awhile!

This little car is her current fav!  She loves sitting in it, thinking she's a big kid.

A poor picture (taken with my phone) but it's a classic - she's clearly a third kid.  I'll leave her in the living room to play with the other two and more likely than not they will include her in whatever they're playing.  I think they like the fact that whatever they decide to do with her is completely fine with her.  There are never any arguments.

 Last Saturday we took the kids cherry picking.  John had never gone before (gasp!).  

We ended up picking 11 pounds of cherries!  I'm so thankful for my dehydrator, as I was able to immediately dry about five pounds of them.  


Kim H said...

Great recap! Always love pics of your kids and life around the Adams house. What were you canning while the kids popped corn?

Leah said...

Oh, I wasn't canning anything. I was decanting my kombucha! ;-)