Friday, May 8, 2009

Yet Another Appointment

I missed my doctor's appointment yesterday morning. I had a good excuse, though - pregnancy causes one's brain to turn to mush, and couple that with a busy toddler and extreme exhaustion from flying the day just wasn't my fault. I called the office to apologize, and they were able to get me in later that same day. Oh good.

So, since you're all on pins and needles, wondering how things are progressing, here are the stats:
*I've gained 9 pounds in the last 4 weeks. BUT, it technically has been 4 weeks and 5 days since I saw the doctor last, so I'll say that I've gained that poundage in the last 5 weeks...just to make it sound better.
*The baby's heart rate is 140. Solid. Good. Just like last time.
*I'm measuring 27 cm, which is large for only being 23 weeks, but large just happens to be "my normal". We grow 'em big over here!

This is my 23 week picture.

I discussed with my doctor the possibility of avoiding another c-section with this pregnancy, but after reviewing his notes on my first delivery, he said it would be best to just go ahead and plan another section, since, after being fully dialated, my pelvis, after 3 hours of pushing, wouldn't accommodate William. He said that trying for a VBAC with that as the precedent would yield the lowest success rate, and I'd probably just end up with another c-section anyway. Had William been breach or had I not been able to dilate to 10 cm he said he'd let me try for a VBAC. It's nice to know he's not a "cut happy" doctor and that he's just looking to do what's best for me. (Our hospital also has a de facto ban on VBACs, but my doctor said that he's still the doctor and does what he feels is the safest and best option for his patients. He's their only doctor that will attend a VBAC delivery.)

So, our homework for the next few weeks is to decide on this little girl's birthday! We're looking at August 28 - September 5 for delivery dates. He said he'll deliver Monday through Friday, so August 30 (my brother's birthday) is out of play.

So exciting to think that we'll be a family of 4 in a little more than 3 months!!


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Kim H said...

Yay! You're looking great! Well, at least you know for sure what's going to happen and you can pick a date and time. Hopefully John or a mom can help during recovery.

Angie said...

I'm bummed for you that you can't have a VBAC, but it's best to keep everyone safe & healthy. As for the date, I say go for September! She would have a cool bday that way (9-1-9 or 9-2-9, etc).

Tennisc G said...

Great idea, Angie!

Hey Leah, how about Sept 9?
...9-9-9 would also be a cool birthdate!!!

I know, you'll be READY to have her here sooner than that =)