Friday, October 2, 2009

Being Silly

Lately William has become quite the ham! He's always doing silly things to get my attention - much better than doing naughty things to get it!

Here's how I found him one morning as I was getting ready to give him his oatmeal. He thought he was SO funny!

He's also saying so many things. His favorite song is The "B-I-B-I-B" (The B-I-B-L-E). He can sing the whole song in the right tune AND the correct number of syllables...the words are sometimes not exactly pronounced right, but I'm amazed that he can can sing it with the correct syllables!

Some common phrases..."Abby poopin'" "Abby pukin'" Abby tootin'" "Abby pip" (Pipe) He's very quick to get me wipes to clean up her messes, and loves shaking powder on "Abby bottom". Not sure why he's so obsessed with her powder. He also LOVES it when I vacuum. Always says "Keen up...keen up...everyone keen up!" So, because I don't always want to vacuum when he does, he'll take Abby's powder and shake it around the living room and then say, "Keen up time!" Kid is just TOO smart!

Abby on the other hand.... quite the fussy child. She can never seem to settle into the right position, unless I'm carrying her. I've tried every position, every prop, pillow, wrap, seat you can think of, but she insists on being held almost constantly. Here is a rare photo of her actually sleeping (at least for a few moments) by herself. With her bili being so high for such a long time she hasn't been wanting to be swaddled (high bili can make one's skin crawl). But since it's coming down nicely I've been wrapping her tightly again (on the suggestion from a friend) and she seems to like it, settling down a bit faster.

I'm still not getting much sleep, but some nights Abby is kind to me, giving me 5-6 hours of sleep at a stretch. We are in a good groove...for now. I'm very much used to taking 2 kids out to do things, as long as the place we're going has a cart. (I don't have a double stroller, although I'm now starting to consider the wisdom of that decision!) We've gone to the park lots (I wear Abby in a wrap, but due to the hot weather I sweat SO much while wearing that thing!) and I'm able to run errands without too much ado. Simple things, however, can hours to do when it would normally take, oh, ten minutes without kids.

Well...I guess I'd better go get my son dressed for the day. He's sitting with his shopping cart singing Happy Birthday to who knows who!


Tennisc G said...

Great pix! And thanks for the anecdotes... very cute.

See ya soon
Aunt G

Anonymous said...

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Kim H said...

Too cute, thanks for the update! Love the new photos. Glad Abby can be swaddled finally! Hopefully it helps with being more calm. Hope you get more sleep!