Friday, April 16, 2010

You can thank my sister-in-law for this.

Getting everyone together, in the same photo, looking at camera, dressed half-way decently is hard work. My sister-in-law had no idea what she was asking for when she made the request for a family photo. See, John's folks celebrated (yesterday) their 40th anniversary. Wow. That's a long time. Since none of the family could be there to help celebrate, everyone submitted a photo to be shared during their church service, so it was almost like we were least on the big screen. So, on Palm Sunday, before leaving for church, I had the brilliant idea of getting a quick family photo. Uh huh. My idea. Before church. Quick. (What was I thinking?)

John set up the tripod and the kids and I found a poop-free spot of grass and waited patiently for John to set the gear up. (I was just going to run next door and get my wonderful neighbor to snap a photo, but oh no. Tripod.) The timer on the camera could not be found. Being the sprightly fellow that he is, John thought that he could just pushtheshutterandrunreallyquickly into the frame before the shutter snapped.

Um....No. No daddy even remotely close to being in the photo. Even William knew that wasn't going to work.

Not yet deterred, John had a great idea of putting the camera on Still Mode. You know, when everyone in the frame is Still, the camera snaps, taking the picture. So there we stood, in the poop-free section of grass waiting. Waiting. No picture was taken. Moving on.

The next mode John tried was Smile Mode. As in, once everyone smiles at the same time, the photo will be taken. I told William and Abby not to smile. Wait until Daddy gets into the picture to smile. John stoically walked to the poop-free grass and then we told William and Abby to smile. There we stood. And stood. Again, no picture was taken.

I think, since it was Palm Sunday and all, and actually going to church on that semi-holiday was important, a voice must have told John where to look on the camera for the Timer because he suddenly found it. Whew. That was close.

This one is soooo close to being good! Only one isn't paying attention. Of course that's 50% of our kids. But if we put that in batting terms, it's pretty dawgone good. Try again.

Now come on, Leah. Your daughter isn't a puppet. Try again.

I actually think this shot is cute! So classic. But....try again.

I believe this is the photo that was displayed at the church. I do believe all eyes are at least in the direction of the camera and 50% of the children are smiling. (Whatever is going to happen when we have another one!?!) Abby was a bit sidetracked by my shirt, but hey. At least her head is in the right direction. Can I hear an Amen!

Congratulations to my Mother and Father "In Law"! 40 years is something to celebrate!


Tennisc G said...

Still lovin' all the pix! Thanks again for sending this for their 40th!!

We'll have to get an "everyone-look-here-at-the-same-time" photo in July =)

Aunt G

Grandma A said...


Dave and Audra said...

These pictures are great and I love the story behind them. You are a good story teller! I hope you frame that final picture!
P.S. Is your shirt from Kohl's and has a braided rope like thing on the neckline?? If so, I think we have the same shirt! Great minds think alike!!