Sunday, September 19, 2010


William is three now so I thought that I'd start teaching him letter recognition, and maybe letter sounds. I finished painting the schoolroom, and even have a bit of it decorated, so now when we want to "study letters", as he calls it, we go into the schoolroom. I don't have a work table/desk for him so we're just using the picnic table.

This past week, in our Bible lessons, we learned about Pharaoh and the 10 plagues God sent. Here is William making a little book with pictures of all the plagues. This was his first time pasting, too.

Here's our letter tree, and William is putting up the letter "A". I'm debating whether or not to just run through all the letters alphabetically first, or pick them strategically. So far alphabetically is winning out, since I just don't think he's ready to start with the letter sounds. Besides, I don't want to frustrate him this early on.

I found this fun M&M activity here. The trick was to keep both eyes on him, as he was constantly sneaking little bites of chocolate morsels! Oh well...he had fun.

I'm also trying to teach him number recognition. He can count quite well, but actually knowing how many are in a group is another story. If there are three apples on the tree, and I ask him to count them, he'll just keep counting and counting until he doesn't know any more numbers.

We also did a bit of Home Ec. He simply wants to be involved in whatever I'm doing, so I happily let him help me.

We'll hopefully be learning a few more letters this week, along with reading many, many new books. His current fav is Eric Carle's Brown Bear, Brown Bear. I have crafts that go with each animal, and so far he's made a toilet paper roll brown bear and a red colored/pasted bird. I'm not sure how long we'll keep going with this book, but he asks for it to be read to him every day. He's actually staring to learn his colors with the help of this book!

These pictures were taken with my phone. I now have a new camera, so hopefully the picture quality will be much better in the upcoming posts.


Grandma A said...


Tennisc G said...

Good job, William!
....and I'd be eating the M&Ms too!! hehehe =)

Have fun learning your ABCs and 123s, along with SO MANY other fun things!! Soooo proud of you!

Love you,
Aunt Gina

Kim H said...

Cool learning mom! I like the apples and the tree! We got the four Carle "Bear" books as gifts when Will was 6 mo old and they helped him learn early on his colors, animals, animal sounds (from Polar Bear book), and his animal baby signs (before he could talk), and I discovered that he could talk more than I thought when he one day busted out "reading" the last page of each of the books. Start with Abby now and she'll be joining in with William very soon!

Angie said...

Love the M&M idea. Thanks for the tip!