Friday, December 31, 2010

1st Hair Cut

Abby got her hair cut for the first time a few days ago. Well, it was just her bangs, not the rest of her hair. John thought it all should be cut, to get evened out, but I just couldn't part with her cute baby curls.
She was so brave. She sat right in that chair like a big girl. No tears whatsoever. I cam prepared with Baby and a bottle of milk, but nope. Not needed.

Of course the gal cutting her hair was a pro with littles, as she has seven of them herself. William stood to the side, watching and holding the envelope to collect the precious hairs.

The finished product!

I think this bang cut just aged my little girl a bit more. Sniff.

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Kim H said...

Aw, what a milestone! And what a trooper, sitting so still with no tears. I remember William's pictures of his first haircut - similar to Will nowadays.