Friday, December 17, 2010


We got our tree put up hours before we left for Michigan, but we ran out of time to decorate it, so literally hours after getting off that exhausting plane ride the kids were ready to decorate it. No rest for the weary. Seriously though, we had tons of fun putting all the ornaments on it! William and I made a paper chain garland that took hours, people, hours to make! Abby had no intention of going for a nap once the paper and stapler was out, so with her sort of stepping on everything and wanting to be part of each and every chain link, it took forever. But, I was resourceful and used her to throw away all the discarded pieces of paper. (She loves throwing things away!)

This is what I get when I asked them both to turn and smile for the camera. I snapped this one just as they both turned away! I just had to's the best bad picture ever!

I tried to get them both to hold their "age" ornaments, but getting them both to look at the camera, smile, and somehow hold the ornament so it can actually be seen....well, that's hard.

Drum roll is the finished product! I'm so proud of it. Actually, it's not quite the finished product, as I found yet another box of ornaments in the garage yesterday, and we also added candy canes. But, this is a close approximation of the final product.

Now go grab a tissue and wipe all that drool off your chin! This foil star tree-topper is MINE!


Tennisc G said...

Great pix... tree looks awesome!
Nice job helping, William & Abby!!

Leah, where did you put the love seat while the tree is up?


Grandma A said...


Kim H said...

It looks great! I can imagine that garland took a while, it's so long! I don't know how you didn't go crazy. Next year stringing cranberries and popcorn? That would take 2 days!

Tennisc G said...

The excitement much surely be mounting daily at your house!! Not sure whose pending arrival is more exciting for W & A.... Santa? ...or Grandma and Grandpa??

You guys have FUN!

Love ya, Aunt G