Friday, July 15, 2011

The Red Carpet

I had no intention of rowing this book this week.  The book is out of print, so I wasn't able to buy it.  However, I was able to get it through the library, and since it had already come in, well...I decided to go with it.

What a great book!  It is a rhyming book about a hotel red carpet that gets rolled out for important people.  One day the doorman rolls out the carpet and it just keeps on rolling, all over town, ending at the ferry dock.  And who should be arriving there?  You really should read the book and find out!

Highlights this week include:

Making a Duplo model of the hotel.  At the beginning of the book the hotel was small, but because of the famous person and "magic" carpet, many more people started, two wings were added on either side of the hotel.  William had the idea to add the red Duplo as the carpet coming from the front door.  (His scratched eye is the result of a plastic box falling on his face.  Don't ask. He's almost four and things like this happen.)

In the book policemen are trying to chase down the carpet.  One of our activities focused on policemen and what they do for our community.

This stamping activity really had nothing to do with our was just fun and they got to practice letter recognition...again.  I'd call out a letter, or say a sound, and William would find the letter and stamp it on his paper.  I found these stamps and ink pads in the dollar bin at Target. 

We played an "I spy" game, where he had to spy and gather toys that were red.  Abby enjoyed this game, too, however a few green toys made her cut which threw William into a tizzy.  He promptly ejected them from the "red toy only" mat so I could take a picture.

He colored some pictures in red and glued them on a red piece of construction paper.  Kid loves to glue!

The entire book rhymes, so we talked a lot about rhyming words.  Not sure he completely gets this idea yet.  We'll keep working on it.

That's pretty much it for this book...John threw me a surprise birthday party on Saturday, so we've had grandma and grandpa over at our house this not too much preschool was done (fine by me, as I think I needed a little break!).  It was Abby's 2nd birthday yesterday as well, so we've been doing some serious celebrating over here. 


Deborah Adams,Long Beach, California. said...

Fun looking educational crafts as usual! :-) You're party was fun and so glad the surprise went off without a hitch. Happy Birthday again to both you and Abby!

Kim H said...

Aw, happy birthday Adams ladies! Hm, you've got me intrigued about that book, we'll have to get it from the library now. Great activities as always. You have such great ideas! Hope you're enjoying your birthday weekend!