Sunday, March 11, 2012

Opening Day!

Yesterday was Opening Ceremonies for Little League.  William is in t-ball this year so he was a part of the festivities!  All players had to come to the stadium in full uniform (minus cleats, so unfortunately my pictures of him are in tennis shoes).

I guess there was something more interesting to look at on the ground instead of the camera... 

...and in his glove...or in the air...there never seems to be any eye contact with the camera unless I resort to groveling or pull Dad into the picture to give him a pinch.  I kid.  Abby really wants to play ball as well, so thankfully she also has a glove so she can feel a part of things as well.

I simply love this picture!  Abby's little friend's expression is completely priceless!  Actually all three of them have completely different expressions that you're not sure if the events surrounding them are horrifying, happy, or just completely bewildering!  Ha!

After all the older kids' teams were announced (major, minor, farm, coach pitch) then it was the t-baller's turn!  There are the Hot Rods jogging out onto the field!  It was cute...all the teams had to walk down the aisle stairs and then out onto the field.  There was quite a delay when the Hot Rods were called - the boys are so little that negotiating the stairs took quite some doing! 

William and his two friends, envisioning their future baseball careers! 

Go Hot Rods!


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Deborah Adams,Long Beach, California. said...

How cute is this?!!! :-) Love that last shot especially with all three boys gazing out into the field. Ahhh... the field of dreams. :-)