Tuesday, March 6, 2012


We are starting our first "real" sport with William.  (T-ball counts as a real sport, right?)  Anyway, last Friday he had his first practice and boy, was it fun to watch!  His team is called the Hot Rods, named after a Class A minor league team out of Bowling Green, KY.  They are a farm team for the Tampa Bay Rays, but the the important thing to know is that the colors are red and black.  John made sure William's practice outfit matched the official team colors! 

Abby was so excited to use her bunny chair outside of the house.  She didn't actually do much sitting in it, since her friends were there and she'd rather socialize, but at least she had spot to park her little bottom should her legs need a rest!

The boys are literally starting from scratch, so knowing what hand to put the glove on and what hand to throw with are big-deal lessons.

Here they are (most of them, anyway) in "ready position". 

Hitting off that little tee is challenging!  He was able to give some of the balls a good whack into the field, though! 

Tonight is Hat Night at a local pizza joint and the kids couldn't be more excited about it!


adams7forhim said...

Looking good William!!! (and Abby, too!!)

Gina said...

He's a NATURAL!!!!

Kim H said...

Aw, what a cutie! Boy after Dad's own heart. And almost Angels colors too.