Sunday, March 10, 2013

First Little League Game

William had his first Little League game this past Saturday.  They played the Dodgers on a real field, with a real score board, AND an announcer!  It was so cool to hear, "And next up to bat is William!"  

They had a 30 minute warm-up before the game started.

They are allowed four strikes/misses before they are allowed the tee.  The very nice thing about this year is that the fans (me!) have bleachers that are enclosed.  So no sun burns or wind chaffing happening this year!  And if food is forgotten the snack bar is a mere three feet away.  Win-win!  

William was up to bat three times yesterday, only needing the tee for one time. 

Here he is scoring!  The Angels beat the Dodgers 21-17.  He plays with his friend, so he knows someone on his team, and Abby and I also have someone to talk to at the twice-weekly practices.  I'm excited for this year.  It seems like he is learning a lot and having a great time!

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