Monday, March 25, 2013

Busy Fun

Things have been busy here.  I have finished planting my garden for this year, we have had thousands of pounds of rock dumped on our front lawn and moved to the back, many trees have been planted (or await planting), William has had lots of Little League practices and several games, and we have taken a trip to the zoo.  And it's only the end of March!  I will say that I do like the busy, especially the work that we are doing around our home.  Things are coming together nicely, and I can see a really cool backyard taking it's final form.

When things get too crazy, Abby jumps in and feeds her little sister.  She's getting to be such a big helper.  Maggie loves to eat so that helps matters.

All three kids play so nicely together.  

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  

Here's our little group at the LA Zoo.  It was such a beautiful day!  Overcast (thing smog covering, but who cares!) and no crowds.  Reason #457 why we choose to home school - we can do activities on our time table!

This past weekend we had another 7,000+ pounds of rock delivered and dumped in our front yard.  It took all day to move them to the back, but now we are ready to trench the backyard and lay grass, then complete the water fall.  

We spend every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at the ball park watching William practice and play games.  This was my view not too long ago.  Little sister loves her Daddy!

Maggie love to just sit in the grass and play with whatever is around her!  

The kids memorize like crazy.  Here is a fun little poem they learned about directions.  

They learned Psalm 1, although they were a little goofy and never finished it for the video. 

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