Wednesday, July 17, 2013

For my asked for pictures...and now you shall receive them.

It's been hot here.  As in very warm.  Here the girls are (trying) to chill after church.  On this particular day the temps got to 116*.  

I caught Maggie drinking my water.  She still can't control the flow of a straw or sippy cup yet - when her mouth is full of liquid and she can't swallow fast enough she'll just open her mouth and let everything run out!

We had the opportunity to go to an Angels game - and sit literally right behind home plate!  William was one happy boy.

Look who decided to eat food all by herself!  She has always loved to eat, but until now has never put any food in her mouth on her own. 

Playing with the water table...another toy that has been much loved.

I came home one morning to this adorable scene.

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