Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Oh Wallet, Where Art Thou?

I can't believe I'm going to fess up to a completely idiotic thing I did yesterday, but I'm hoping I'll feel less of a moron if I purge my system and confess to all of you on blogland.

Okay. Here goes.

Yesterday was a little hectic - running errands all morning, tutoring for 2+ hours in the afternoon, and trying to get in naps and food. I realized that I needed a few ingredients for supper and the meals planned for the rest of the week, so I made my list, shod my child, and we headed off to Ralph's grocery store.

Now, mind you, the store is under a renovation, so the aisles are jammed together, barely allowing 2 carts to pass, the floors are ripped up, and the food is overall in the wrong spots. At least not the spot I'm used them being in. So finding the necessary food items took me longer than usual.

When it was time to check out I found the least crowded lane and put my groceries on the belt. The nice man started to ring them up. About 3/4 of the way through I started rummaging through my purse to get my credit card. You guessed it. It wasn't there. I immediately turned bright red in the cheeks and told the nice man to stop ringing me up. He said it was no big deal and that he'd just suspend my order and let me run home really quick to get my money.

Which I did, of course. We don't live that far away from the store, but with a toddler in tow things like "running home really quick" just aren't "quick". My plan (as always is my plan) was to have dinner almost ready to go by the time hubby got home from work. Let's just say it was WAY late last night. At least it was super delicious. Made up for the fact that we didn't finish eating until 7pm.

Okay. I DO feel better now. Makes the whole "exiting-the-store-with-a-cart-load-of-groceries-and-loading-them-into-my-car-without-paying-for-them" episode seem like no big deal. Have I told you about THAT time to the store? Another brilliant moment in my life.


Tennisc G said...

Wow! Sounds like quite a day!!
Where was the wallet?

Did William say "Wherrrrrrre IS it?"...ha! So cute!!

Love ya,

Grandma A said...


Leah said...

Oh yes...left out an important detail..the wallet was sitting by my computer, right where I left it last! Sheesh...I can't even blame William for that one!

Suzette said...

Been there done that! With little ones, we just can't think beyond the food and diapers!
Hope you have a better day today.

Kim H said...

Oh, I feel your pain. Been there a few times. I'm sure it happens all the time at the grocery store so they don't think much of it.