Thursday, January 21, 2010

Food & Poop...Can't Have One Without The Other!

Abby started pureed peas yesterday and well....let's just say she's learning to like them. Unlike rice cereal where not ONE flake escaped her lips most of the peas manages to find its way on her bib. I suppose I could have started off with a fruit, but I think I started William off with peas and he loves them now. Besides, fruit is sweet, and I don't want her getting used to the sweet taste so soon in life. So...sorry dear, but peas it is.

She has no idea what is about to hit her. She thinks she's getting just rice cereal! HA!

Self explanatory.

Different outfit, different day...with her belly full! The turkey bib is quite appropriate, if I say so myself!

I'm sure my minions of readers will remember my poop post. Well, I've decided to suck it up and continue with the cloth. Needless to say, with my dearest eating peas to at least some degree, I've had my second experience with gooey poop and I have to say it isn't that bad. I don't have a sprayer (yet) or liners (they are on order!) so she's pooping in ultra comfort. The first one I swished in the toilet a little and got most off, then I ran it under the tub water. Is that gross? I know I bathe my kids in that tub, but hey, it's not like I'm not cleaning up after myself. I just needed a little surge of water to get the stuck-on poop off. The second one I just swished in the toilet. Then plopped it in the diaper bag. End of story. It took less than 30 seconds. Yes, it was a little gross, but I can think of way grosser things in life than my child's poop. that off my chest. I'm sure you're glad you know all this.


Tennisc G said...

Cool pink chair, Abby!!
....And long live veggies!!

Love you,
Aunt Gina

Grandma A said...


Angie said...

Hey there - I've been wondering how were you both doing with the solids...on both ends. :) I sooo appreciate your honesty and detail about this, as we'll be going through it in a few weeks, too. So I'm thinking I should order the liners NOW so I have them in time for solids. And the sprayer has been on my list since day 1...just haven't allocated the funds to it yet. Keep me posted on how things go!