Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Service Debuting Across The Pond

It is cold here. 65 during the day, but at night....wowsers!

Last night my husband and I jumped into bed (quietly, of course, because our baby is a mere 2 feet away!) freezing. We lay there like Eskimos, heaps of blankets over our shivering selves. BUT! John heard on the radio the other day of the perfect solution to our cold bed problem! No, it's not a hot water bottle. Nope, not a bed-warming pan. It's not even an electric blanket. It's a Human Bed-Warmer and they are debuting in the UK this month in certain hotels.

The lady on the right looks down-right enthused about this job...the guy on the left is seriously reconsidering going back to college! No one told him his Hospitality degree would require this of him!

When I heard that I laughed hysterically. Seriously?!? A Human Bed-Warmer? (BTW is that their official title?)

The hotel promises that the Warmer will be wearing a one-piece fleece body suit with their hair covered, but couldn't promise that they will have recently showered. They do, however, say that the warmer will be out of the bed (unless they fall asleep on the job!) before you get in, leaving you with the bed warmed to the highly desired temp of 68 degrees. The spokeswoman for the hotel chain said, "It's like having a huge hot water bottle in your bed." Ummmmmm.....NO! You know when you're swimming, and you hit a warm spot in the water...all you want to do is get out of that spot! You just feel ucky after that.

What I want to know is how the whole thing is timed. I mean, is the Warmer going to be in the bed while the guest is brushing his or her teeth? Seriously, though, the timing has be rather perfectly timed, else your bed will cool down and then what? You have to warm your own bed?

Um, thanks Holiday Inn, but I think I'll skip the creepy service and do my own warming!


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Kim said...

That's hysterical!

Kristi Lynn said...

EW is right! I think that snuggling would solve your cold bed problem very nicely!!

Kim H said...

In the words of Will: "Eeeeeeew!!" and "Yuck!"