Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sun, Fun, & Wind

Yesterday I took my kiddos out. The plan was to go to a local lake and have a picnic and play in the sand, but after getting there I found out that our national park and recreation pass was no good there. Bummer. So, we headed off to the ocean, since William was insistent on seeing the water. We soon got to the beach and quickly discovered that the wind was a little more than we could handle. We walked on the sand for a few minutes and wow. Sand was in our mouths, eyes, and hair. I quickly picked William up and made a dash for the car. It was funny....when we got back to the car I realized that the wind had blown one of William's boots straight off! He was just concerned with all the wind that he didn't even realize it. So, after hunting down the missing boot we left the beach and went to the fish hatchery. There was no wind there and the sun made everything so nice and warm! William got to feed the fish and have a picnic.

The trenches were black with fish! They would literally jump out of the water to get the food.

Miss Abby, showing off her tongue.

Abby has to do everything William does, so sitting in her carseat while we ate our picnic lunch was not happening for her!

The kids are not allowed to watch TV during the day, but occasionally I let him watch his Leap Frog DVDs. He's learned to count to 20 and can say the entire alphabet already simply by watching those things. I was cleaning up the table and both of them were unusually quiet so I looked around the corner and William had decided to sit directly in front of Abby, blocking her from playing with her pop-n-pals toy. But for some reason I don't think she minded!

I hesitate to even post this but it's so darn cute! I'm assuming sooner rather than later Abby will be busting out with her alphabet!


JAY MAN said...

Awesome pixs leah, you and john have adorable kids!! abbey is really getting big. and willian looks like quite the big bro! :) love to you soon. uncle J

Grandma A said...


Tennisc G said...

Yep, I think Abby will give big brother a run for his money VERY soon!!!!

This is what CUTE looks like... thx for sharing.

Aunt Gina

Kim said...

What a fun outing! Euan has those same boots. He calls them his "happy boots."