Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Moving Day. For some it might be fun. Not for me. It was so stressful. Our move into our town house went blissfully, so I assumed that this move would proceed similarly. I hesitate to say things went "wrong", since technically everything turned out fine, but I was a huge stress mess the entire time. The movers told me they "move the Beverly Hills ladies all the time"...I came to determine that "all the time" is quite relative. I bet this was their first move. They showed up in a circus-type truck (I half expected caged animals to be staring at me when they hoisted the canvas up) with tread-less wheels. They insisted on loading the boxes first, instead of the furniture, and when it came time to load the furniture they were baffled as to why I wanted it all covered. Anyway, I couldn't take much of it, so Mom, the kids, and I left and went to the new house to start cleaning and lining shelves. We each drove a vehicle packed to the brim with boxes so there was plenty to do while the guys packed the truck.

We worked our tails off! For lunch my wonderful friend across the street provided food and drinks for everyone. (Our friends across the street are the main reason we moved into this particular house. They've got 4! kids practically the same age as ours.)

The following Monday John, my Dad, and I went back to the old house to finish getting it ready to be rented. We were under a major time crunch, since it was scheduled to be rented immediately. I'm still shocked how utterly dirty it was. Granted there was a ton of people helping us move and all, but still.

I know this is gross, but I'm sure some of you felt like you were missing out by not being able to help us move. These pictures are for you.

We had been fighting a slow leak from the master bedroom for at least a year or so, and my Dad, being the all-purpose Dad that he is, figured out the problem.

There just aren't words to describe this massive hairball. Crazy thing was, the "plumbers" who came to fix this before left the old pipe in the new pipe. I'll let this picture sink in for a second. If anyone is interested, I do have video coverage of John dissecting this beast.

Alrighty. Moving on.

My Dad and John were able to fix several other drippy faucets (which just decided to start leaking the day of the move, go figure!) and also painted most of the house. We all pitched in and cleaned as well. I've personally never cleaned so much in my life. I should start a business because I've got it down!

Dad and I went back again to the old house for a second day for more cleaning, and my Dad even painted the garage. (Thanks Dad!)

While we did all the clean-up and painting at the old house Mom/Oma watched the kids and cleaned and washed walls and lined shelves and mopped and...on and on. I'm not sure how she did it with two littles hanging on her, but she did. (Thanks Mom!)

Once the old house was finished, we focused our attention on the new house. I don't have any pictures right now, so I'll post on that later.

Anyway, I'm so grateful that my folks were able to come out and help us with SO much. It was fun having Mom and Dad here to help us set up our new home. We made so many memories.


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Tennisc G said...

Glad the moving hurdle is behind ya.... NOT a fun process, but a means to an end. Enjoy the new place!

Angie said...

I do not envy a move with two littles. I hate moving! But like Gina said, at least it's behind you. And the good news is that you WANTED to move vs. HAD to move (as in the case of foreclosures, etc which is so prominent right now). Looking forward to seeing your new place. I love seeing how other people live. :)

Kim H said...

Whew, what a huge task! Good thing it's all over and you have the fun of unpacking into a *larger* place! It really is nice to upgrade and have no problem finding room for everything, it's when you downsize and have to find a place to put all your junk that unpacking is a horrible chore! Glad to hear you have instant friends as neighbors!

Kim H said...

Oh, and you should think about reporting those plumbers to the BBB and posting something on Yelp to warn others off from them. I can't believe they didn't do anything to fix the problem, covered up the old piping to make it look like they did work, and charged you probably lots of $ for it!