Monday, August 4, 2008

People Need Manners!

I have to vent for a minute. I cannot stand people who think the outside world is their bathroom. I'm talking about clipping nails in public places. My friend and I were taking our kids to the pool the other day when she shrieked, saying that under her chair were toenail clippings - large ones, and lots of them. I'm all for personal hygiene, but the pool? That's just downright disgusting. Nails can be full of fungus, bacteria, and other grodies...and to shoot the little bits of fungus-filled shrapnel around a pool area (or any other public place) is in poor taste. Be kind to those have to use the area behind you and keep your keratin bits where they belong - in the bathroom trash can!

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Tennisc G said...

Amen! ...And the world is not your ashtray (smokers who toss their butts), spitoon (chewers), or trash receptacle(litter bugs)!!

As a general rule, people need to learn a little common courtesy. What happened to the days when certain things were considered "uncouth"??

Ok, so we're both on our soap boxes tonite! hehehe

Yep, the toenails sound pretty disgusting.

PS Love the new name for your blog!!